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Storytime with: Janina Marahrens-Hashagen

Handelskammer Bremen
Janina Marahrens-Hashagen, President, Bremen Chamber of Commerce – CCI for Bremen and Bremerhaven

WHY does the Bremen Chamber of Commerce support academia?

HERE’S WHY – Well-functioning technology transfer and successful research cooperation between business and academia are fundamental for the prosperous development of Bremen and Bremerhaven. To make headway against technological competitors, it is just as essential for businesses to have additional practical knowledge from academia as it is for them to have well-educated, skilled workers. They can find competent and internationally connected partners for joint projects directly on their doorstep – in the form of the universities, higher-education institutions, and nonuniversity research institutes in the state of Bremen.


WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen at the Bremen Chamber of Commerce?

HERE’S WHY – The Bremen Chamber of Commerce continuously promotes the transfer of academic and technological knowledge between businesses and researchers. Providing good advice for start-up companies is just as important for the region as loyal, qualified workers are. To this end, we assist with transfer events, conferences, and career fairs and connect business contacts. We appreciate our long-established connection with the University of Bremen – both partners benefit from ideas for an economic and research space that has established itself among international competition.