House of Science


Storytime with: Gerold Wefer

Prof. Dr. Gerold Wefer, Chairman of the House of Science

WHY does the House of Science bring current topics from the world of science and research to the inner city?

HERE’S WHY – In our complex and knowledge-based society, there is great interest in research and science. It is hugely important for everyone to foster this interest in groups of all ages and education levels and at the same time offer the population an open space for dialog and exchange. The House of Science in downtown Bremen brings science and research from the periphery to the inner city. The latest findings are presented to the city’s inhabitants and visitors here. At the same time, an awareness of the crucial importance of science for the city and region as well as for our day-to-day lives is cultivated.


WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen in the House of Science?

HERE’S WHY – Since the founding of the House of Science in September 2005, the University of Bremen has been a key partner and driving force, together with 13 other institutions in Bremen and Bremerhaven as well as the Senator for Science and Ports. With contributions from all scientific disciplines, the university significantly shapes and enriches the offering of the House of Science.