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Storytime with: Norman Breitling

Klub Dialog
Norman Breitling has been with KLUB DIALOG since 2017 and has held the reins as the chairman of the board since 2020.

WHY does KLUB DIALOG want to inspire people?

HERE’S WHY – ACCOMPLISH. MORE. TOGETHER. We at KLUB DIALOG aim to inspire people in and around Bremen – free of charge and with an open-door policy. Being inspired means to be curious about the unknown and to see things from different perspectives. Even we were inspired to think anew in these current times, which led to the launch of KLUB LABOR: in a series of workshops from and by Bremen’s creative and other innovation-driving business sectors, we jointly develop concepts and solutions that pave the way for exciting opportunities – both today and in the years to come. KLUB LABOR is intended as a platform for innovative and cross-industry thinking.


WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen at KLUB DIALOG?

HERE’S WHY – KLUB DIALOG has been collaborating with the University of Bremen for several years. Be it media practice, mandatory internships, other collaborative events, or regular inspirational discussions – we have accomplished a lot together. And who has been the driving force behind this collaboration? Marco Höhn. In memory and honor of our former director Marco, we are continuing one of his life’s works with KLUB DIALOG.