team neusta

Michel Iffländer (GfG) / Universität Bremen

Storytime with: Heinz Kierchhoff

Dr. Heinz Kierchhoff, Chief Executive Officer of team neusta

WHY does team neusta rely on digital solutions?

HERE’S WHY - Digital solutions help companies automate and simplify their routines, improving the efficiency of their processes. We have made it our mission to drive digital transformation and develop the perfect tailor-made solutions. We are an IT provider that offers everything under one roof: advising about, developing, and implementing complex software, mobile, and e-commerce solutions, alongside services for artificial intelligence, design, and communication.


WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen at team neusta?

HERE’S WHY - We successfully partner with the University of Bremen in multiple respects. In our “Knowledge4Retail” project, we work together with the university and company partners to accelerate the use of artificial intelligence in retail. We support the university’s ongoing strategic development through our participation on the Transfer Advisory Board and at the Rector’s Office. Furthermore, we are a business member of the alumni network and are committed to linking academia with business. For example, we sponsor an annual Deutschlandstipendium scholarship to support young talent.