Technisches Bildungszentrum Mitte (TBZ Mitte)


Storytime with: Jörg Metag

Jörg Metag, Principal of the TBZ Mitte

WHY are sparks flying at the Technisches Bildungszentrum Mitte?

HERE’S WHY – Many aspects of everyday and working life are influenced or even shaped by interactions with technology. The ways in which technology changes are constantly transforming and the complexity always increasing. We wish to contribute to businesses employing large numbers of good, well-trained workers. This is why the TBZ Mitte focuses on technical education in three different fields: preparing for an apprenticeship, doing and completing an apprenticeship in the dual vocational-education system, and preparing for university studies.


WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen at the Technisches Bildungszentrum Mitte?

HERE’S WHY – There is a diverse study program on offer at the University of Bremen. Because most of our teaching staff studied at the university, the TBZ Mitte has a sufficient number of highly qualified teachers in the school’s various fields. When it comes to the school’s qualified, ongoing development, the University of Bremen is one of the most important cooperating partners for research and pilot projects.