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Storytime with: Herbert Münder

Universum Bremen
Dr. Herbert Münder, General Manager at Universum® Bremen

WHY does Universum® Bremen make science a tangible experience for everyone?

HERE’S WHY: A fundamental understanding of science and research is essential to shaping our complex world. We guide our guests of all ages in actively discovering scientific phenomena. Science is a sensory experience at Universum®. Pique curiosity, incite amazement, rouse enthusiasm, and provoke questions – those are our aims. To achieve these aims, we have created an ambience where guests both young and old can feel at home and come together to share and collectively grow their knowledge of science. A visit makes you smart.

WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen at Universum®?

HERE’S WHY: The University of Bremen provided the impetus for the creation of Universum® Bremen. Universum® translates scientific topics for the general public, allowing for a firsthand experience. Scientists at the University of Bremen are often on hand – giving lectures or being present at our exhibitions. We have plenty of students on-site. And, last but not least, the first seven letters of the word university are also the first seven of Universum®.