Frauke Meyer

Kanzlerin Universität Bremen

Chancellor of the University of Bremen since 2021

Frauke Meyer, Kanzlerin der Universität Bremen

"What do I want to share? The beauty and lightness of the imperfect".

When Frauke Meyer thinks of the university, she spontaneously has two images in mind: the great bird's eye view of the large campus and the excited first-year students in the tram (before Corona). Fifty years ago, at the age of two, she was the youngest in a large family and had a life in the countryside, almost like in Bullerby.

At the University of Bremen, she has worked as an administrative assistant in the central administration since 1995. True, her work consists of: "meetings, meetings, meetings, plus papers and lots of numbers", but she never gets bored, on the contrary: she appreciates dealing with the many different people and always keeps her sense of humour. In 50 years, she imagines the University of Bremen in a "spacey" ambience, with intensive worldwide, national and regional links. The people involved represent the world that has become more diverse with new virtual communication possibilities.