Articles in refereed Journals

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    optimizing the selection of controls

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    More Specific Signal Detection in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging by False
    Discovery Rate Control for Hierarchically Structured Systems of Hypotheses

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    Multivariate autoregressive extreme value process and its application for modeling the
    time series properties of the extreme daily asset prices

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    Combining Multiple Hypothesis Testing with Machine Learning Increases the
    Statistical Power of Genome-wide Association Studies

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    Multivariate multiple test procedures based on nonparametric copula estimation
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    Simultaneous Statistical Inference in Dynamic Factor Models:
    Chi-Square Approximation and Model-Based Bootstrap

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    Efficient Calculation of the Joint Distribution of Order Statistics
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    Nonparametric Archimedean generator estimation with implications for multiple testing
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    Estimating the proportion of true null hypotheses under dependency:
    A marginal bootstrap approach

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    Optimizing effective numbers of tests by vine copula modeling
    Dependence Modeling, Vol. 8, No. 1 (2020), 172-185.
    (Erratum: Dependence Modeling, Vol. 8, No. 1 (2020), 262.)

  17. Anh-Tuan Hoang, Thorsten Dickhaus:
    Randomized p-values for multiple testing and their application in replicability analysis
    Biometrical Journal, Vol. 64, Issue 2, Special Issue: Multiple Comparisons (MCP 2019)
  18. Gerlind U.C. Lehmann, Sina Kuchenreuther, Arne W. Lehmann, Thorsten Dickhaus:
    Correlated sexual selection on male genitalia, copulatory performance and nuptial gifts in a bushcricket (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) indicated by allometric scaling
    Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, Vol. 133, No. 4 (2021), 1043-1056.
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    On the usage of randomized p-values in the Schweder-Spjøtvoll estimator
    Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Vol. 74pages289–319 (2022).

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    Improved inversion procedure for obtaining thermal properties of marine sediments via expansion of the temperature decay function
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    Communications in Statistics: Case Studies, Data Analysis and Applications
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  23. Anh-Tuan Hoang, Thorsten Dickhaus:
    Combining independent p-values in replicability analysis: a comparative study

  24. Justus Contzen, Thorsten Dickhaus, Gerrit Lohmann:
    Variability and extremes: statistical validation of the Alfred Wegener Institute
    Earth System Model (AWI-ESM)

    Geoscientific Model Development, Vol. 15, No. 4 (2022), 1803-1820.
  25. Vladimir Vutov, Thorsten Dickhaus:
    Multiple two-sample testing under arbitrary covariance dependency with an
    application in imaging mass spectrometry

    Biometrical Journal, Vol 65, Issue 2 (2023).
  26. Jonathan von Schroeder, Taras Bodnar, Thorsten Dickhaus:
    Reverse Stress Testing in Skew-Elliptical Models
    Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics, accepted for publication.
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    Long-term temporal evolution of extreme temperature in a warming Earth
    PLOS ONE, Vol. 18, No. 2 (2023), e0280503.
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    Multiple multi-sample testing under arbitrary covariance dependency
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  29. Daniel Ochieng, Anh-Tuan Hoang, Thorsten Dickhaus:
    Multiple testing of composite null hypotheses for discrete data using
    randomized p-values
    Biometrical Journal, accepted for publication.

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