Continuing Education

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Profile: Life-Long Learning at the University of Bremen

The scope for learning offered by the University of Bremen stretches from special events for children, so-called children’s universities, to courses open to senior guest auditors: We take life-long learning seriously. Moreover, within this broad spectrum there is a strong focus on career-based training measures ― for academic further education fosters the swift transfer of innovation into the practice. This is why offerings of continuing education at the University of Bremen are grounded on research- and practice-based learning. The University’s Academy of Continuing Education is the first address for everyone interested in continuing education.

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Continuing Education for Careers: An investment in the future

State-of-the-art know-how? Effective career planning? Developing personal and social competencies? Our extra-occupational measures of continuing education combine theoretical learning with a firm practice-based practical relevance. One-day seminars and workshops bring you up-to-date on the latest developments in a compressed form. Programs of continuing education leading to the award of a University certificate or Master’s Degree open up new career paths. By the way: many offers of continuing education are also open for students without a university entrance qualification.

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Continuing Education for Enterprises: A bridge between science and practice

In order to ensure and optimize corporate success, enterprises rely to a great extent on the skills and competencies of their employees ― their human capital. Here, personnel development can make a major contribution to improving the efficiency of your business or institution. Our extra-occupational offerings keep your co-workers fit, with modern methods that turn theoretical knowledge into hands-on competencies. By the way: We can also organize customized in-house training measures and enable enterprises in this way to benefit from the results of research carried out at the University.

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Continuing Education for Senior Citizens: Education enlivens – at any age

Many senior citizens discover life anew when they come to the campus following phases of bringing up a family or at the end of their professional careers. The University of Bremen offers plenty of opportunities to satisfy their thirst for knowledge by enabling them to participate in lecture classes and other academic activities as senior guest auditors. For this group, motivations based on academic performance or the application of theoretical knowledge take second place to healthy curiosity and personal inclination. Here, senior citizens can broaden their horizons concerning matters they always wanted to know more about – or even topics they never heard of before. This way they also have the chance to meet other people who share similar interests. By the way: The program is also open to people without university entrance qualifications (Abitur) who are venturing onto the campus for the first time.

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Science for Everyone: Science is neither gloomy nor inaccessible

The University of Bremen is not shut up in an ivory tower. On the contrary: It positively welcomes the citizens of Bremen to come into direct contact with science. They can attend lectures, a large number of lecture classes, or learn a foreign language. Lectures and events do not necessarily always take place on the campus but also at a number of other venues in town. Last not least, the University of Bremen perceives a special mission in making science and research accessible to children, too, and there is a comprehensive program which focuses on “University & School”.