MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes

The goal of MAPEX is the system-oriented development of materials and processes for sustainable transport and energy applications. Our research encompasses the fields of natural and engineering sciences as well as mathematics, aiming at a thorough understanding of the process-properties-performance relationships in materials.

MAPEX merges the know-how of 700 scientific and technical staff, 370 of which are doctoral candidates. Its 56 Principal Investigators and 31 Early Career Investigators are affiliated to five different university faculties and four external research institutes on the university campus.

  • MaterialsMaterials
  • Hybrid MaterialsHybrid Materials
  • MetalsMetals
  • NanomaterialsNanomaterials
  • Porous MaterialsPorous Materials
  • SemiconductorsSemiconductors
  • Energy-related technologiesEnergy-related technologies
  • Manufacturing EngineeringManufacturing Engineering
  • EngineeringEngineering
  • PhotonicsPhotonics
  • Process engineeringProcess engineering
  • CharacterizationCharacterization
  • SynthesisSynthesis
  • Material ModellingMaterial Modelling
  • Process ModellingProcess Modelling
  • System IntegrationSystem Integration

Established in 2014 as the governance form of the high-profile area ‘Materials Science and Production Engineering’ MAPEX has the aim to:

  • establish and maintain a network of competencies in the fields of materials science, materials technology, and materials processing;
  • increase the visibility of the MAPEX Research Landscape;
  • apply for and participate in third-party funding programs;
  • promote cooperative research activities of junior scientists;
  • support an interdisciplinary doctoral education;
  • cooperatively acquire and share scientific equipment,
  • offer our scientists a diverse and family-friendly environment with equal opportunity, quality assurance, and data handling policies at the highest international standards.
© Ulrich ReißMAPEX Methods Workshop I – Materials Characterization - talk of Jan Ingo Flege



MAPEX Symposium - Materials Informatics

We cordially invite you to participate in the upcoming symposium taking place 15 September 2017 in the Haus der Wissenschaft, Bremen city centre.


We have the honor to host three leading scientists from the still young research field 'materials informatics':

"Computational design and discovery of novel materials"
Nicola Marzari,...

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navigare - Career Coaching for Women in Science

The coaching programme navigare addresses female early career researchers (doctoral candidates, postdocs) who aim for a professorship or gaining a leadership position in science.

Two programmes will start in September 2017 as a joint initiative of six running coodinated DFG programmes and MAPEX:

The ‘classical’ programme is offered in German...

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Graduate Lecture

“Sustainable Energy: The Contribution of Photocatalysis and Photonics. Principles, Properties and Applications“ - Prof. Dr. Cecilia B. Mendive -Visiting professor at the University of Bremen-

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Impressions from the MAPEX Methods Workshop I - Materials Characterization

Scientific equipment and methods often act as a nucleus for cooperative projects. On 13th June 2017 an internal workshop for all MAPEX members offered a platform for information and exchange on the scientific equipment and expertise available within the MAPEX community.

Direct link to the picture gallery here.

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Research Highlights


The cubic-to-hexagonal phase transition of cerium oxide particles: dynamics and structure


Jan Höcker, Jon-Olaf Krisponeit, Thomas Schmidt, Jens Falta and Jan Ingo Flege.


Nanoscale (2017) 9, 9352-9358


Cerium oxide is often applied in today's catalysts due to its remarkable oxygen storage capacity. The changes in stoichiometry during reaction are linked to...

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Simultaneous Acquisition of the Polarized and Depolarized Raman Signal with a Single Detector


Johannes Kiefer.


Analytical Chemistry (2017) 89 (11), 5725-5728


Polarization-resolved Raman spectroscopy provides much more information than its conventional counterpart. However, it usually either requires a complicated setup with two spectrographs and detectors or...

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Time resolved impedance spectroscopy analysis of lithium phosphorous oxynitride - LiPON layers under mechanical stress


Jens Glenneberg, Ingo Bardenhagen, Frederieke Langer, Matthias Busse and Robert Kun.


Journal of Power Sources (2017) 359, 157-165



In this paper we present investigations on the morphological and electrochemical changes of lithium phosphorous oxynitride...

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All Research Highlights and publications with participation of MAPEX PIs.