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DFG Forschungsprojekt Pulver
© Jan Rathke
MAPEX Presse|

MAPEX members Lutz Mädler and Udo Fritsching coordinate new DFG priority programme

The Priority Program "Creation of synergies in customised mixtures of heterogeneous powders " applied for by Lutz Mädler and Udo Fritsching from the Process and Chemical Engineering Department at the Leibniz IWT and the University of Bremen was recently selected for funding by the German Research…

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Simulation eines turbulenten Blutstroms
© ZARM / Universität Bremen

Unsteady Blood Flow Promotes Arteriosclerosis Development

It is often more turbulent in the human bloodstream than is actually good for the human body. That is what an international research team led by Dr. Duo Xu from the Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM) at the University of Bremen has found out.

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27 MAPEX Postkarte
© Joo et al., Advanced Materials1906160 (2019).
MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 27

Electron backscatter diffraction inverse pole figure map of a nanoporous high-entropy alloy showing the crystallographic orientation of grains. Hight of image about 4.5 µm.

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Jeremy Epp
© Jan Rathke / Leibniz-IWT
MAPEX Presse|

Dr.-Ing. Jérémy Epp appointed to Project Review Panel of DESY

Dr.-Ing. Jérémy Epp has been nominated as a member of the Project Review Panel (PRP) "Materials Science" of the German Electron Synchrotron (DESY). (Direct to the IWT News)

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Ilya Okulov
© Jan Rathke/ Leibniz IWT
MAPEX Presse|

Dr. I. Okulov is appointed Associate Professor at the UrFU

High recognition for Dr. Ilya Okulov: he has now been appointed Associate Professor (part-time) at the Ural Federal University (UrFU) Russia (Direct to the IWT News).

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Roboter deckt Tisch
© Institut für Künstliche Intelligenz / Universität Bremen
News no.: 59 | MAPEX Presse|

AI: Uni Scientists in Bremen Are Some of the World’s most Influential

In the field of artificial intelligence (AI), four scientists from the University of Bremen are some of the worldwide leading experts. That is the result of the renowned Chinese Tsinghua University ranking.

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Hightech in der Universität Bremen: Beim Laser-Auftragschweißen werden im 3D-Druckverfahren metallische Teile und Strukturen hergestellt.
© Anika Langebeck Bias GmbH
News no.: 58 | MAPEX Presse|

3D Printing: New high-Tech Device for Bremen Material Scientists

A strong network within material research has been established at the University of Bremen with the MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes. The center has now been granted 2.2 million euros by the German research Foundation (DFG) to build a device for 3D laser metal deposition.

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X-ray micrograph of a laminate structure.

Three MAPEX members part of new DFG Reserach Unit

„Ultrasonic Monitoring of Fibre Metal Laminates Using Integrated Sensors“

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© Ulrich Reiß / Leibniz IWT
News no.: 57 | MAPEX Presse|

University of Bremen Planning Core Facility

The MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes will receive 750,000 euros from the German Research Foundation (DFG) for the planning of a core facility for material analysis. A collection of highly valuable, scientific analysis equipment from several disciplines is to be used there in the future.

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News no.: 56 | MAPEX Presse|

What Are Nanoparticles? Early-Career Researchers Explain in a Video

Press release of the University of Bremen/ 27 november 2019 Meike Mossig

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© Stapelfeldt et al., Nano Letters 19, 6554-6563 (2019). Stapelfeldt et al., Biofabrication 11, 025010-025022 (2019).
News no.: 26 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 26

Nanofibrous fibrinogen scaffolds prepared with the novel process of salt-induced self-assembly. Width of image 11 μm.

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© Kalms et al., Additive Manufacturing 26, 161-165 (2019).
News no.: 25 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 25

High precision in-process monitoring with structured light of 3D laser-printed high-strength nickel chromium material. Figure dimension 20 x 20 mm, height range 0.25 mm coded from blue to red.

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© Carmesin et al., Nano Letters 19, 5, 3182 - 3186(2019)
News no.: 24 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 24

The formation of light-emitting quantum dots with 30 nm diameter has been studied for new ultrathin semiconductors constructed from a monolayer of MoS2 atoms.

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MAPEX Newsletter|

Newsletter 08

MAPEX 8th Newsletter is available now.

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© Krisponeit et al. Physical Review Letters 122, 136801 (2019)
News no.: 23 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 23

Conductivity map of metallic surface regions on a functional material which were created by applying electric pulses to a microscopic tip. Diameter ~ 350 nm.

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