Gruppenfoto der Gewinnerinnen und Gewinner vor der Joachim Herz Stiftung
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University of Bremen as a Pioneer: 30 Million Euros for the First Center for Accelerated Technology Transfer

Accelerating research to market readiness – this is the goal of the first “innovate! Center”. Three pilot projects will develop sustainable solutions for technological challenges starting in 2025. The Joachim Herz Foundation will provide up to 30 million euros of financing for the endeavor.

Bürgermeister Dr. Andreas Bovenschulte spricht vor den Mitarbeitenden der Universität Bremen
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University of Bremen Excellence Cluster Teams Visit the City Hall

Mayor Dr. Andreas Bovenschulte and Kathrin Moosdorf, Senator for the Environment, Climate, and Science, honored the work of the Excellence Cluster teams at the University of Bremen at a senate reception. The cluster applications have shown how competitive the scientific landscape in Bremen is.

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"Dancing with Electrons" – on the Dancefloor with Zink-Ion Batteries

On May 7, 2024, the Bremen Science Slam took place at the Schlachthof cultural center. Chemist Sara Sfiligoi from the University of Bremen inspired the audience with her performance. She explained how zinc-ion batteries support the use of wind and solar energy.

Die Cyanobakterien in den Händen des Doktoranden Tiago Ramalho stehen im Mittelpunkt der Forschung an der Universität Bremen zu Lebenserhaltungssystemen für ein (Über)leben auf dem Mars.
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On a Mars Mission: From Cyanobacteria to Bioplastics

Scientists Dr. Cyprien Verseux and Professor Sven Kerzenmacher from the University of Bremen are working on solutions for self-sufficiency on Mars – and how these could inspire sustainable life on Earth.

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Science with humor: PhD students transform themselves into science slammers

The science slam workshop used props, visualizations and performative elements to explain scientific results to a wide audience in an entertaining and accurate way.

Mycelium-based composite material made of straw, husks, and starch.
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Avoiding Packaging Waste with the Help of Mycelium

Mycelium is a fine thread-like network of fungi. It is suitable as a packaging material. A new research project led by BIBA at the University of Bremen focuses on this biodegradable material as well as the production, use, and recycling of packaging.

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"Wissen um 11" – how old museum objects are preserved for future generations

On March 9, 2024, Pia Götz presented her research with computer tomography from the project "Digital Materialities. Virtual and Analog Forms of Exhibition".

Grafic of Astronauts on Mars next to solar panels
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Bremen Materials Science Clear First Hurdle on the Way to Excellence Funding

"With the Martian perspective, we will rethink the production of materials under the premise of resource scarcity." 'The Martian Mindset: A Scarcity-Driven Engineering Paradigm' has achieved initial success.

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Material with Feelings: AI Helps to Detect Material Damage

The University of Bremen has achieved first results in the DFG Research Unit FOR 3022. Thanks to innovative sensor nodes, which are smaller than a coin, it is possible to detect and evaluate hidden damage in fiber metal laminates (FML).

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Leibniz doctorate prize for Nicole Mensching

The research associate at the Leibniz Institute for Materials-Oriented Technologies in Bremen has been awarded this year's Leibniz Association PhD Prize in the natural and technical sciences category.

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Magnetic resonance for research on material cultural heritage

On December 7 and 8, 2023, the conference "MRI for Cultural Heritage Objects" will take place in Bremerhaven. Based on the interdisciplinary cooperation in the U Bremen Research Alliance, international experts will focus on the epistemic possibilities of MR methods.

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STEM camp for pupils

Students from Delmenhorst Max-Planck-Gymnasium tried out science in theory and practice at the University of Bremen.

Das Logo von Science goes Public
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Science goes Public – Green microbes for the red planet

Dr. Cyprien Verseux from ZARM (Applied Space Technology and Mircogravity) about his work for the Initiative Humans on Mars.

Digitalization of a chronometer.
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Exhibition at the German Maritime Museum – Digital Insights into Maritime History

In the exhibition "SEH-STÜCKE – Maritimes digitally discovered", the German Maritime Museum is showing images that were created with the help of MAPEX.

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Science goes Public – Intelligent colonization through robotic support

Amrita Suresh and Manuel Meder talked about the challenges in space robotics and their work at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI).

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Survival on Mars

Aggressive space radiation, a toxic atmosphere, temperatures averaging minus 65 degrees Celsius. Scientists Christiane Heinicke and Katharina Koschek explain what they are researching in the science magazine "Impact".

Professorin Ella Schmidt aus dem Fachbereich 5 - Geowissenschaften und Professor Thorsten Gesing aus dem Fachbereich 2 – Biologie/Chemie
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Atoms and Defects: A Visit to the Crystallography Lab

Geoscientist Ella Schmidt and chemist Thorsten Gesing open their laboratory doors. Using new methods, they are investigating the atomic structures of crystals. Read more in the up2date article by Maria Bossauer and Anja Rademacher.

Professor Andreas Fischer
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Improving the chances of healing through medical measurement technology

Für sein neuestes Vorhaben erhält Professor Andreas Fischer vom Fachbereich Produktionstechnik der Universität Bremen eine Förderung im Rahmen der Momentum-Initiative der Volkswagenstiftung. Diese stellt knapp 800.000 Euro über einen Zeitraum von vier Jahren zur Verfügung.

two researchers holding probes
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Bremen Engineering Prize Goes to Master’s Student at the University

Press release of the University of Bremen / 21.11.2022, Kai Uwe Bohm. “Material transport of product mixtures of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis analysis using nuclear magnetic resonance”: with this master’s thesis, Production Engineering student Alexander Zimmermann has greatly improved the process.

brain with connections
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More than €500,000 for AI Research with Quantum Systems

Press release of the University of Bremen / 28.09.2022, Kai Uwe Bohm. Machine learning and artificial-intelligence (AI) methods are now used in many areas of life.

The four guests of the panel discussion with Hanna Lührs.

Panel discussion 'Exploring Space: Human versus Machine'

On September 5, 2022, a panel discussion was held at Universum Bremen, moderated by Hanna Lührs.

The “#MOIN! – Modellregion Industriemathematik” (model region for industrial mathematics) project develops innovative transfer instruments in the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) scholarship program T!Raum – TransferRäume für die Zukunft von Regionen.
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Model Region for Industrial Mathematics is being created in and around Bremen

How much (industrial) mathematics is part of our everyday lives? What do we know about it and how can society and industry benefit? This is what the “#MOIN! – MOdellregion INdustriemathematik” innovation and transfer project is all about. The BMBF is funding it with approximately 6 million euros.

Gerendertes historisches Gerät aus der Schifffahrt
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Hackathon: Bringing Maritime Navigation Instruments to Life

Presse release of University of Bremen / 19.09.2022, Kai Uwe Bohm. „Seaman’s Gear“: a two-day hackathon on October 8 and 9, 2022, aims to breathe new virtual life into historical maritime navigation instruments.

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DLR Design Challenge Has Been Won: Smoke Detector “Sniffs out” Causes of Fire

Press release of the University of Bremen / 11.07.22 Kai Uwe Bohn.

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Kick Off Event: Humans on Mars

Around 60 researchers participated in the kick-off event of the ‘Humans on Mars’-Initiative at the Haus der Wissenschaft in Bremen on July 8th, 2022. Coming from eight different faculties of the University of Bremen and four research institutes, they all work together to address the question of what…

Mars Landschaft
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Humans on Mars: Pathways Toward Sustainable Settlement

Press release of the University of Bremen / 05.07.22 Kai Uwe Bohn. Is sustainable human exploration of Mars possible? How will humans affect the new environment? Around 60 researchers from the University of Bremen and other institutes are investigating these questions as part of an initiative.

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At our workshops for Early Career Researchers young scientists from the University of Bremen get to know the scientists next door and each other.

Building bridges across faculties and institutes – that is one of our main goals at MAPEX. With the Workshop we encourage early-career researchers to boost their careers through interdisciplinary exchange. Our fully booked 13th Early Career Researcher Workshop hosted Christiane Heinicke,…

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SCIENCE GOES PUBLIC! Learning from insects

Kirsten Tracht gives insights into her research by participating in the colorful and varied program of Science goes PUBlic

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SCIENCE GOES PUBLIC! 6G for Earth and Space

Entertaining science in an inspiring 30 minutes was offered by Armin Dekorsy in the well-attended Bremen pub "Gastfeld".

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ERC Grant for MAPEX member Andreas Fischer

Press release of the University of Bremen / 23.03.22 Kai Uwe Bohn. Engineering scientist Andreas Fischer receives around 2 million euros for foundation research.

Giorgia Zampardi
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On the Path to the Next Generation of Energy Storage Systems

Press release of the University of Bremen / University Communication and Marketing / Kai Uwe Bohn / 07.03.2022: Aqueous zinc-ion batteries without any risk of explosion or fire - this is supposed to be the next generation of energy storage devices.

Bremer Studienpreises 2021
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Congratulations: Three Bremen Thesis Awards for Final Theses in MAPEX Groups

Battery development, cancer therapy and nanomaterials – these are possible fields of application of three final theses awarded with the Bremen Study Prize 2021. MAPEX congratulates: the master thesis and the two dissertations were supervised by MAPEX members.

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University of Bremen Involved in Mars Simulation

Press release University of Bremen/ 03.11.21 Kai Uwe Bohn. AMADEE-20: That is the name of the simulated Mars mission of the Austrian Space Forum, which was carried out in the Israeli Negev Desert. More than 25 experiments were carried out there.

Dr. Michael Fischer picture
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DFG Funding: Heisenberg Position for MAPEX member

Dr. Michael Fischer from the Faculty of Geosciences will receive Heisenberg funding. His high-level research on zeolites applies methods of computer crystallography to current research questions.

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moma future: Breathing in space

A ZDF heute (19.05.2021) feature on life support systems on Mars based on cyanobacteria - Cyprien Verseux et al.

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Making maritime materials a museum experience - Press release German Maritime Museum / Thomas Joppig

"Digital Materialities. Virtual and Analogue Forms of Exhibition" (DigiMat) is looking for new exhibition and mediation formats for digital exhibits.

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Staying long-term

Press release ZARM / 16.02.2021: The "red planet" in the evening sky seems more and more within reach, as leading space agencies aspire astronaut missions to Mars in the future.

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News no.: 33 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 33

(A) Light microscopy image of magnetic chitosan helices. (B) and (C): Scanning electron microscopy images of helical chitosan fibers with embedded iron oxide nanoparticles.

vier unterschiedlich gefärbte Bilder, wie bei einer Finiten Elemente Methode oder Wärmebildkamera
News no.: 32 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 32

Color-coded photoluminescence mappings of exfoliated MoS2 mono- and multilayers at different wavelengths. High/mean/low intensity is displayed in red/green/blue color. Figure dimension ~ 100 x 70 µm².

sechs kleinere Abbildungen. Von oben links nach unten rechts wird es immer schärfer. Sieht aus wie ein Mandala
News no.: 31 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 31

Experimental and simulated position averaged convergent beam electron diffraction patterns of a silicon sample.

Blaue und rote Sterne, die jeweils im Mittelpunkt in einem Kreis mit Linien verbunden sind.
News no.: 30 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 30

From immobile to massless: How the correct stacking of two atomically thin TaS2 layers releases electrons from an insulator.

drei Bohreränliche Geometrien. Werden immer unförmiger
News no.: 29 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 29

In process engineering fluids are exposed to shear, rotation and temperature differences leading to complex flow patterns.

viele bunte Striche in einem 3D-Koordinatensystem
News no.: 70 | MAPEX Presse|

A Deep Look Inside

An article about the MAPEX X-ray microscope by Kai Uwe Bohn published in the update. 04 magazine of the University of Bremen.

grüne große Scheibe mit einem schwarzen Kreis links daneben. Roter Kleks unter der grünen Scheibe und schwarzer Kugel
News no.: 28 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 28

Dissolution kinetics of copper-based nanoparticles (diameter 10 nm) adapted to the environment for targeting of tumour cells (red) without affecting healthy body cells (green). Diameter of cells about 20 µm.

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One-way street for electrons

A team led by theoretical physicist Professor Thomas Frauenheim (University of Bremen) and Dr. Antonietta De Sio (University of Oldenburg) has observed directional energy transport between molecules of a nanomaterial for the first time. The results have now been published in Nature Nanotechnology.

DFG Forschungsprojekt Pulver
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MAPEX members Lutz Mädler and Udo Fritsching coordinate new DFG priority programme

The Priority Program "Creation of synergies in customised mixtures of heterogeneous powders " applied for by Lutz Mädler and Udo Fritsching from the Process and Chemical Engineering Department at the Leibniz IWT and the University of Bremen was recently selected for funding by the German Research…

Simulation eines turbulenten Blutstroms

Unsteady Blood Flow Promotes Arteriosclerosis Development

It is often more turbulent in the human bloodstream than is actually good for the human body. That is what an international research team led by Dr. Duo Xu from the Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM) at the University of Bremen has found out.

Siemens AG
News no.: 64 | MAPEX Presse|

Two million euros for AI research in technomathematics

The research group of Professor Peter Maaß from the Center for Technomathematics will receive two million euros to realize new applications using artificial intelligence (AI) as a scientific partner - because AI is inconceivable without a correct and powerful mathematical basis.

27 MAPEX Postkarte
News no.: 27 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 27

Electron backscatter diffraction inverse pole figure map of a nanoporous high-entropy alloy showing the crystallographic orientation of grains. Hight of image about 4.5 µm.

Jeremy Epp
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Dr.-Ing. Jérémy Epp appointed to Project Review Panel of DESY

Dr.-Ing. Jérémy Epp has been nominated as a member of the Project Review Panel (PRP) "Materials Science" of the German Electron Synchrotron (DESY). (Direct to the IWT News)

News no.: 62 | MAPEX Presse|

PreciWind: New measuring system for wind turbines

Scientists at the Center for Wind Energy Research (ForWind) are developing a new measurement system for the flow behavior of rotor blades. The PreciWind research project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy with 3 million euros over three years.

Ilya Okulov
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Dr. I. Okulov is appointed Associate Professor at the UrFU

High recognition for Dr. Ilya Okulov: he has now been appointed Associate Professor (part-time) at the Ural Federal University (UrFU) Russia (Direct to the IWT News).

News no.: 60 | MAPEX Presse|

Recognizing the fingerprint of material damage

Three MAPEX members involved in new DFG research group.

Roboter deckt Tisch
News no.: 59 | MAPEX Presse|

AI: Uni Scientists in Bremen Are Some of the World’s most Influential

In the field of artificial intelligence (AI), four scientists from the University of Bremen are some of the worldwide leading experts. That is the result of the renowned Chinese Tsinghua University ranking.

Hightech in der Universität Bremen: Beim Laser-Auftragschweißen werden im 3D-Druckverfahren metallische Teile und Strukturen hergestellt.
News no.: 58 | MAPEX Presse|

3D Printing: New high-Tech Device for Bremen Material Scientists

A strong network within material research has been established at the University of Bremen with the MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes. The center has now been granted 2.2 million euros by the German research Foundation (DFG) to build a device for 3D laser metal deposition.

X-ray micrograph of a laminate structure.

Three MAPEX members part of new DFG Reserach Unit

„Ultrasonic Monitoring of Fibre Metal Laminates Using Integrated Sensors“

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News no.: 57 | MAPEX Presse|

University of Bremen Planning Core Facility

The MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes will receive 750,000 euros from the German Research Foundation (DFG) for the planning of a core facility for material analysis. A collection of highly valuable, scientific analysis equipment from several disciplines is to be used there in the future.

News no.: 56 | MAPEX Presse|

What Are Nanoparticles? Early-Career Researchers Explain in a Video

Press release of the University of Bremen/ 27 november 2019 Meike Mossig

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News no.: 26 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 26

Nanofibrous fibrinogen scaffolds prepared with the novel process of salt-induced self-assembly. Width of image 11 μm.

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News no.: 25 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 25

High precision in-process monitoring with structured light of 3D laser-printed high-strength nickel chromium material. Figure dimension 20 x 20 mm, height range 0.25 mm coded from blue to red.

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News no.: 24 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 24

The formation of light-emitting quantum dots with 30 nm diameter has been studied for new ultrathin semiconductors constructed from a monolayer of MoS2 atoms.

MAPEX Newsletter|

Newsletter 08

MAPEX 8th Newsletter is available now.

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News no.: 23 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 23

Conductivity map of metallic surface regions on a functional material which were created by applying electric pulses to a microscopic tip. Diameter ~ 350 nm.

News no.: 55 | MAPEX Presse|

Will Shuttle Buses and Cars in Sharing Schemes Be Driving Themselves Soon?

Press release of the University of Bremen/ 04 June 2019 Kai Uwe Bohn

Deutsche WindGuard
News no.: 54 | MAPEX Presse|

BIMAQ Provides Software for Measuring the Flow around Rotor Blades

Press release of the University of Bremen/ 18 april 2019 Karla Götz

Kai Uwe Bohn / Universität Bremen
News no.: 53 | MAPEX Presse|

“Biological Bandage” Could Help Heal Wounds

Press release of the University of Bremen / 27 march 2019 Kai Uwe Bohn

Excellence Chair
News no.: 52 | MAPEX Presse|

U Bremen Excellence Chair Nicola Marzari

Visiting professor for MAPEX 2019 - 2022

News no.: 51 | MAPEX Presse|

New DFG project for the production of computer chips

Press release of the University of Bremen / 18.02.2019 Sarah Batelka

Pressemitteilung Uni Bremen
News no.: 50 | MAPEX Presse|

Robotics expert Michael Beetz receives honorary doctorate in Sweden

Press release of the University of Bremen/ 11.02.2019 Stefanie Möller

News no.: 49 | MAPEX Presse|

“Doping” for Atomically Thin Materials

Press release of the University of Bremen/ 31 january 2019 Stefanie Möller

News no.: 22 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 22

Thermally stable, aluminium based Lewis super acid while reacting with a fluoride ion to give a weakly coordinating anion.

News no.: 48 | MAPEX Presse|

CRC “Micro Cold Forming” Finished: 12 Years of Successful Research

Press release of the University of Bremen/ 08 January 2019 Kai Uwe Bohn

News no.: 21 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 21

Dielectrophoretic filtration in a pillar array selectively separates fluorescently labeled target particles from a mixture. Pillar diameter is 262 μm.

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News no.: 24 | MAPEX Newsletter|

Newsletter 07

MAPEX 7th Newsletter is available now.

News no.: 23 | MAPEX Newsletter|

Newsletter 06

The MAPEX 6th Newsletter is available now.

Materialien für die Photonik von morgen
News no.: 047 | MAPEX Presse|

Materials for the Photonics of Tomorrow

Press release of the university of Bremen/ 19 Octobre 2018 Stefanie Möller

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News no.: 20 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 20

Turbulence causes high energy losses in pipelines. A method to destabilize turbulence was developed and implemented in experiments, leading to energy savings of up to 90%.

News no.: 46 | MAPEX Presse|

Großer Erfolg für die AG Fertigungstechnik bei der CIRP General Assembly - Daniel Meyer

Pressemitteilung des Leibniz-IWT

News no.: 45 | MAPEX Presse|

Fertigungstechniker Bernhard Karpuschewski erhält Ehrendoktorwürde in Ungarn

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen / 29. August 2018 Karla Götz

News no.: 44 | MAPEX Presse|

What a Splinter of Wood Reveals about a Figurehead

Press release of the university of Bremen/ 18 August 2018 Stefanie Möller

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News no.: 43 | MAPEX Presse|

A Dream for the Future: “Flying with Green Fuel"

Press release from the University of Bremen/ 24. Juli 2018 Karla Götz

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News no.: 19 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 19

Bacterial suspension which was successfully developed to lubricate metalworking processes. Size of bacteria: 2 - 7 μm.

News no.: 43 | MAPEX Presse|

Quer durch alle MINT-Fächer: Neuer innovativer Master-Studiengang

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen / 31. Mai 2018 Meike Mossig

News no.: 42 | MAPEX Presse|

ERC Advanced Grant for MAPEX member Lutz Mädler

Press release of the University of Bremen / 6 April 2018 Kai Uwe Bohn

News no.: 41 | MAPEX Presse|

Bionik-Forschungsvorhaben untersucht mechanische Eigenschaften von Außenskeletten

Gemeinsame Presseinformation der Hochschule Bremen und der Universität Bremen vom 26. März 2018

News no.: 40 | MAPEX Presse|

Bremer Physiker ermöglichen energieeffizienten Nanolaser

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen / 22. Februar 2018 Kai Uwe Bohn

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News no.: 39 | MAPEX Presse|

Mat4Rail: EU-Forschungsprojekt zur Bahn der Zukunft

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen / 15.Februar 2018 Stefanie Möller

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News no.: 18 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 18

Image: Tomography image and Ag atom distribution maps of a catalytically active nanoporous gold structure. Magnification 150 000 x.

Mitglieder der Arbeitsgruppe von Prof. Frank Jahnke und Dr. Christopher Gies.
News no.: 38 | MAPEX Presse|

Research for the LED wallpaper of the future

Press release of the University of Bremen / 13. Februar 2018 Stefanie Möller

News no.: 37 | MAPEX Presse|

Leibniz-Institut für Werkstofforientierte Technologien tritt Forschungsnetzwerk U Bremen Research Alliance bei

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen / 01. Februar 2018 MM

News no.: 36 | MAPEX Presse|

Kleine Bauteile ganz groß: Sonderforschungsbereich der Universität Bremen zeigt Mikrobauteile in illuminierter Fotoausstellung

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen / 22. Dezember 2017 KL

News no.: 35 | MAPEX Presse|

Spitzenleistung beim wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs: Zwei Graduiertenkollegs der Universität Bremen verlängert

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen / 20. Dezember 2017 KUB

News no.: 22 | MAPEX Newsletter|

Newsletter 05

The fifth MAPEX NEWSletter is available online.

News no.: 34 | MAPEX Presse|

11,5 Millionen Euro Förderung: Wissenschaftler erforschen Lebensdauer der Leistungselektronik von Windenergieanlagen

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen / 18. Dezember 2017 KUB

News no.: 33 | MAPEX Presse|

Hohe Anerkennung: Chemiker um MAPEX Mitglied Jens Beckmann gehören zu den ersten Nutzern von ultramodernen Röntgenlasern

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen / 19. Dezember 2017 KUB

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News no.: 15 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 15

This atomic force microscopy image shows the topography of a periodical nanostructure with sinusoidal height distribution. Width of each yellow column about 100 nm.

News no.: 32 | MAPEX Presse|

Bremer Produktionstechniker erhält ERC Consolidator Grant

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen / 8. Dezember 2017 ML

News no.: 31 | MAPEX Presse|

Second funding phase for transregional CRC 136

After the very successful work during the first funding period (2014 – 2017, see Newsletter 03), the transregional collaborative research centre 136 “Function-oriented manufacturing based on characteristic process signatures” is now entering the second funding phase. From 2018 to 2021, the group of…

News no.: 21 | MAPEX News|

ERC Consolidator Grant for MAPEX member Fabio La Mantia

MAPEX member Fabio La Mantia is one of the 329 out of 2.538 scientists awarded with a Consolidator Grant by the European Research Council (ERC). 

With Consolidator Grants the ERC funds promising scientists who want to consolidate their independence with up to 2 million Euro.

In 2015 Fabio La…

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News no.: 14 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 14

Crystal structure and surface plane analysis of Bi2WO6 nano-crystals and quantum-dots using pair distribution function refinements and high resolution transmission electron microscopy investigations. Width of crystal: 2nm.

News no.: 30 | MAPEX Presse|

MAPEX Sprecher Prof. Lucio Colombi-Ciacchi erhält den Berninghausen-Preis für hervorragende Lehre

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen / 20. November 2017 MM

News no.: 29 | MAPEX Presse|

Gelungener Start

Weser-Kurier / 16 November 2017 Maren Brandstätter

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News no.: 17 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 17

Dissolution rate map of a ZnO crystal surface acquired with vertical scanning interferometry. Size of the blue dots: about 5 μm.

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News no.: 16 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 16

Crystal structure and surface plane analysis of Bi2WO6 nano-crystals and quantum-dots using pair distribution function refinements and high resolution transmission electron microscopy investigations. Width of crystal: 2nm.

News no.: 20 | MAPEX News|

Graduate Lecture

“Sustainable Energy: The Contribution of Photocatalysis and Photonics. Principles, Properties and Applications“ - Prof. Dr. Cecilia B. Mendive -Visiting professor at the University of Bremen-

News no.: 28 | MAPEX Presse|

Exzellenzstrategie: Bürgermeister Carsten Sieling macht sich ein Bild

Impressionen der Universität Bremen / 2. August 2017 KG

News no.: 13 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 13

Colloidal capsules are hollow spheres assembled from nanoparticles. By choosing building blocks with specific function, sophisticated multifunctional capsules can be designed with diameters as low as 100 nm.

News no.: 19 | MAPEX News|

navigare - Career Coaching for Women in Science

The coaching programme navigare addresses female early career researchers (doctoral candidates, postdocs) who aim for a professorship or gaining a leadership position in science.

Two programmes will start in September 2017 as a joint initiative of six running coodinated DFG programmes and MAPEX:


News no.: 27 | MAPEX Presse|

Kanadischer Gast wird „Research Ambassador“ für die Uni Bremen

BUS aktuell, das Online-Magazin der Universität Bremen / 10. Mai 2017 AL

News no.: 26 | MAPEX Presse|

Professor Ekkard Brinksmeier erhält Ehrenprofessur

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen Nr. 087 / 27. April 2017 KL

News no.: 18 | MAPEX News|

Material 2.0: Concepts for Intelligent and Interconnected Materials

Guest lecture Prof. Dr. Rainer Adelung Institut für Materialwissenschaft der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel 23 June 2017 13:00 Uhr Location: NW2 C0290 The demands on material characteristics is challenging and partially contradictory. Materials should be strong  like metals but chemically…

News no.: 25 | MAPEX Presse|

Freude an der Universität: IWT wird Leibniz-Institut

Impressionen der Universität Bremen / 10. April 2017 KG

News no.: 12 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 12

Part of a mold for replicating micro-retroreflectors. The mold has been machined by Diamond Micro Chiseling, a dedicated micro-structuring process developed at the LFM in Bremen. Size of structures: 250 µm. IWT Bremen, Ulrich Reiß.

News no.: 24 | MAPEX Presse|

Erste Runde der Exzellenzstrategie: Universität Bremen hat sich mit fünf Cluster-Skizzen gut aufgestellt

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen Nr. 066 / 31. März 2017 KL

News no.: 17 | MAPEX Newsletter|

Newsletter 04

The fourth MAPEX NEWSletter is available online.

News no.: 23 | MAPEX Presse|

Parameter gesucht: Neues DFG-Graduiertenkolleg an der Universität Bremen forscht zu mathematischen Modellen

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen Nr. 057 / 17. März 2017 MM

News no.: 22 | MAPEX Presse|

Bremer Gymnasiasten bringen Maschinen das Lernen bei

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen Nr. 058 / 17. März 2017 MM

News no.: 21 | MAPEX Presse|

Zwei internationale Raumfahrt-Masterstudiengänge starten an der Universität Bremen

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen Nr. 056 / 16. März 2017 MM

News no.: 20 | MAPEX Presse|

Lutz Mädler in Berlin mit Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz-Preis 2017 ausgezeichnet

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen / 16. März 2017 KG

News no.: 16 | MAPEX News|

Ready to use: new generation X-ray Microscope for MAPEX

On 1st December 2016 the time had finally come, the long expected X-ray microscope (XRM), ZEISS Versa 520, arrived and was set-up in the LION building.

News no.: 19 | MAPEX Presse|

Spielerische Grundlagenforschung auch für iPhones und iPads

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen Nr. 040 / 22. Februar 2017 RO

News no.: 11 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 11

Lithium ion batteries on flexible polyimide substrates are a smart energy storage solution for consumer electronics or applications related to the Internet-of-Things. Size of substrate: 2 x 2 cm.

News no.: 18 | MAPEX Presse|

Winzige Technologie mit maximaler Bedeutung: Neues Graduiertenkolleg an der Uni Bremen forscht zu Nanomaterialien

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen Nr. 034 / 14. Februar 2017 RO

News no.: 17 | MAPEX Presse|

„Schule in Farbigen Zuständen!“

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen Nr. 011 / 13. Januar 2017 MM

News no.: 15 | MAPEX News|

Bilderausstellung des SFB 747 vom 03.01.-19.01.2017

Ästhetik in Präzision: Sonderforschungsbereich der Uni Bremen zeigt Mikrobauteile in Bilderausstellung

News no.: 14 | MAPEX News|

Lutz Mädler awarded with Leibniz-Prize 2017

MAPEX member Lutz Mädler receives Germany's most prestigious research prize, the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz-Prize 2017.

News no.: 16 | MAPEX Presse|

Nanotechnologie in Europa stärken

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen Nr. 341 / 06. Dezember 2016 SC

News no.: 13 | MAPEX News|

Impressions from visiting the LFM of elderly students from Bremen and Bielefeld

For a delegation of elderly students from Bielefeld the visit of the Laboratory for Precision Machining (Labor für Mikrozerspanung, LFM) was one of the highlights during their meeting with the representatives of the elderly students from the University of Bremen.

Direct link to the impressions here…

News no.: 10 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 10

The crystalline orientation and morphology of sub-micrometer cerium dioxide islands grown on a copper surface can be controlled by adjusting the cerium-to-oxygen ratio during deposition.

News no.: 15 | MAPEX Presse|

Schnelle Rauheitsmessung spiegelnder Oberflächen im Labormaßstab

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen Nr. 315 / 17. November 2016 SC

News no.: 12 | MAPEX News|

Neighbor visit to OHB

Following up the presentation of Markus Rullich during the last Young Scientist Workshop, we have the chance to visit the OHB System AG, one of the three leading space companies in Europe and our neighbor in the "area of innovation". Please register no later than 2 December 2016. The number of…

News no.: 11 | MAPEX Newsletter|

Newsletter 03

The third MAPEX NEWSletter is available online.

News no.: 10 | MAPEX News|

Development of High-Temperature Inorganic Thermochromic Compounds

Exploration Project via the Excellence Initiative for MAPEX members Anne Staubitz and Thorsten Gesing.

News no.: 14 | MAPEX Presse|

MAPEX ECI Daniel Meyer erhält Otto-Kienzle-Gedenkmünze

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen Nr. 238 / 6. September 2016 RO

Rundgekneteten Stahldraht
News no.: 9 | MAPEX News|

SFB 747 Bilderausstellung im Haus der Wissenschaft

Ausstellungseröffnung: 07. September 2016 um 18 Uhr im Haus der Wissenschaft!

News no.: 9 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 9

Fracture surface within a titanium-CFRP hybrid laminate used for joining aluminum and CFRP via a laser fusion process. Scale 300:1.

News no.: 13 | MAPEX Presse|

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft fördert ein Projekt aus der Chemie der Universität Bremen mit 420.000 Euro

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen Nr. 173 / 9. Juni 2016 KG

News no.: 12 | MAPEX Presse|

Spielerische Grundlagenforschung

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen Nr. 151 / 31. Mai 2016 MM

News no.: 8 | MAPEX Newsletter|

Newsletter 02

The second MAPEX NEWsletter is aviable online.

News no.: 8 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 8

A Cu dendrite (red, length ~ 150 µm) and thin Ag dendrites (grey, length ~ 40 µm) grown over the junction termination of a high voltage diode during a humidity-bias testing.

News no.: 11 | MAPEX Presse|

Bremer Chemiker benutzt neues Modell, um Wasserstoffatome mit Röntgenstrahlung zu finden

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen Nr. 149 / 30. Mai 2016 RO

News no.: 10 | MAPEX Presse|

Erneuter Erfolg bei DFG: Uni und Partner werben zwei neue Sonderforschungsbereiche ein

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen Nr. 147 / 27. Mai 2016 MM

News no.: 9 | MAPEX Presse|

Erfolgsquote 100 Prozent: DFG bewilligt alle drei Anträge der Universität Bremen für Graduiertenkollegs

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen Nr. 138 / 24. Mai 2016 MM

News no.: 7 | MAPEX News|

6. VDI-Leichtbaukongress am 5./6. Juli 2016 in Bremen - Programm

Anmeldung und Programm zum VDI Leichtbaukongress 2016 in Bremen.

Der Leichtbaukongress in Bremen steht dieses Mal für einen branchenübergreifenden Technologiedialog zwischen Automobilindustrie und ziviler Luftfahrt. Die Regionen Bremen und Niedersachen bieten hierfür einen exzellenten Rahmen, um…

News no.: 7 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 7

The high quenching rates during single-step flame spray pyrolysis allowed the synthesis of δ-Bi2O3 with extraordinarily small dopant concentrations.

News no.: 8 | MAPEX Presse|

„Doping“ für Nanopartikel: Bremer Verfahrenstechniker machen Material verträglicher für Mensch & Umwelt

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen Nr. 110 / 27. April 2016 RO

News no.: 6 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 6

Molecular surfaces of molecules in a crystal lattice. The contact patches to their neighbor molecules are given in red. Diameter: 1-2 mm.

News no.: 6 | MAPEX News|

Impressions from MOM meets MAPEX

How to build an airplane out of plastic? - International pupils get to know materials science at the University of Bremen

News no.: 5 | MAPEX Newsletter|

Newsletter 01

The first MAPEX NEWSletter is available online.

News no.: 7 | MAPEX Presse|

DFG bewilligt Bremer Materialwissenschaftlern neuartiges Röntgenmikroskop

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen Nr. 078 / 23. März 2016 SC

News no.: 5 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 5

Constitutive equations for the average dislocation velocity ν in a theory of crystal plasticity based on continuum dislocation dynamics.

News no.: 6 | MAPEX Presse|

How to bulid an airplane out of plastics? Pupils get to know materials science at the University of Bremen.

An international group of pupils from the Erasmus-plus-program “Matters of Matter” visits six institutes and scientific establishments of the University on 9 March 2016.

News no.: 4 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 4

Atomic structures of Fe nad Fe-hydrogen complexes adsorbed on a Pt(111) surface (heights of Fe, FeH and FeH2: 110, 190, and 200 pm).

News no.: 4 | MAPEX News|

Wissenschaftscampus 2016 – Das Sprungbrett für Frauen in die Forschung (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft)

Als Teilnehmerin des mehrtägigen Wissenschaftscampus erhalten Sie tiefe Einblicke in die Forschungsarbeit sowie wertvolle Angebote zur Stärkung Ihrer persönlichen und fachlichen Kompetenzen. Veranstaltungshinweis: Veranstalter ist die Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft vertreten durch ihre Institute an den…

News no.: 3 | MAPEX News|

Labor auf Chip (IMSAS)

Das Institut für Mikrosensoren, -aktoren und -systeme (IMSAS) der Uni Bremen entwickelt Labore im Mikroformat.

News no.: 3 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 3

Microstructure of bimodal porous ceramics for sound absorption applications at high temperatures.

News no.: 5 | MAPEX Presse|

Geballte Kompetenz: Uni Bremen stärkt Kristallographie mit neuem Institut

Pressemitteilung der Universität Bremen Nr. 004 / 08. Januar 2016 JS

News no.: 2 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 2

Agglomeration of lysozyme in solution with dipole moments shown as red arrows, diameter of lysozyme ~ 5 nm.

News no.: 1 | MAPEX Postkarten|

New MAPEX Postcard - 1

Co-Spray Forming of a steel sheet product.

News no.: 2 | MAPEX News|

Launch of MAPEX Instrument Database

The MAPEX Instrument Database is online now!

You can browse the database using different categories or perform a keyword search.

The database lists analytic infrastructure available in the groups of MAPEX members. The database is growing every day, if you want your equipement in there, just return…

News no.: 4 | MAPEX Presse|

MAPEX Mitglied ist Präsident der Internationalen Akademie für Produktionstechnik CIRP

Ekkard Brinksmeier auf der CIRP-Hauptversammlung zum Präsidenten des Collège International pour la Recherche en Productique (CIRP) ernannt / Universität Bremen stellt 2016 erstmals CIRP-Präsidenten

News no.: 3 | MAPEX Presse|

Im Haus der Wissenschaft: Faszinierende Kristallographie

Noch bis zum 12. September 2015 ist im Haus der Wissenschaft die Ausstellung „KRIMI – Faszination Kristallographie“. Die von der Universität Bremen und der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kristallographie (DGK) organisierte Ausstellung lädt in die faszinierende Welt der Kristalle, Minerale und…

News no.: 1 | MAPEX News|

MAPEX PhD Research Grants 2015 - incoming and outgoing

The MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes invites internatioal PhD students and PhD students of MAPEX members to apply for short-term research grants. The PhD students can spend a limited period of time (one week to one month) at the University of Bremen within the group of a MAPEX member or at…

News no.: 2 | MAPEX Presse|

MAPEX im Weserkurier: Goldene Aussichten

Materialforscher der Universität Bremen wollen Edelmetall zur Herstellung unterschiedlicher Stoffe nutzen. Jürgen Wendler vom Weser Kurier sprach mit MAPEX PI Prof. Marcus Bäumer.

News no.: 1 | MAPEX Presse|

Vom Material bis zu dessen Verarbeitung: Das MAPEX-Zentrum der Universität Bremen stellt sich vor

Pressemitteilung der Uni Bremen Nr. 121 / 4. Mai 2015 KG

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