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Exhibition at the German Maritime Museum – Digital Insights into Maritime History

In the exhibition "SEH-STÜCKE – Maritimes digitally discovered", the German Maritime Museum is showing images that were created with the help of MAPEX.


Information of the German Maritime Museum

Press release of the University of Bremen

Article and radio contribution Buten un Binnen (in German)

Video on TV Sat1 (in German)


Excerpts from the University of Bremen press release:

The German Maritime Museum presents the exhibition "SEH-STÜCKE – Maritimes digital entdeckt", which shows not only the physical exhibits but also their digital representations, which were created with the help of MAPEX – Center for Materials and Processes at the University of Bremen.

The German Maritime Museum (DSM)/Leibniz Institute for Maritime History's new exhibition reimagines maritime history with the help of the 3D X-ray microscope from MAPEX – Center for Materials and Processes at the University of Bremen. The exhibition entitled "SEH-STÜCKE – Maritimes digital entdeckt" (VISUAL PIECES – Maritime digitally discovered) not only presents the physical exhibits, but also their digital replicas. These include box sextants, medicine bottles, and other by-products of the "Bremen cog" from the Hanseatic era [...].

Professor Lucio Colombi Ciacchi, project leader at MAPEX, is excited about the connection between materials science and cultural heritage through the digital processing of museum artifacts: "MAPEX's work, which specializes on the interface of materials and processes, opens up new materialities of the exhibits that were previously imperceptible."

The digital transformation of the exhibits is the result of the collaborative research project "Digital Materialities. Virtual and Analogue Forms of Exhibition" (DigiMat), in which DSM cooperates with MAPEX as well as the Leibniz Institute for Knowledge Media (IWM) in Tübingen. The project, supported by the Leibniz Association's Senate Committee on Science, emphasizes the outstanding importance of materials research for the communication of cultural heritage.

The special exhibition "SEH-STÜCKE – Maritimes digital entdeckt" will run from October 20, 2023, to April 30, 2024, in the Kogge Hall.


Digitalization of a chronometer.
Digitalization of a chronometer.
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