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MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes


The goal of MAPEX is the system-oriented research and development of materials and processes for sustainable transport and energy applications. Our research encompasses the fields of natural and engineering sciences as well as mathematics, aiming at a thorough understanding of the process-properties-performance relationships in materials.

MAPEX merges the know-how more than 1000 scientific and technical staff, 480 of which are doctoral candidates. Its 56 Principal Investigators, 3 Associate Investigators, and 26 Early Career Investigators are affiliated to five different university faculties and four external research institutes on the university campus.

Established in 2014 as the governance form of the high-profile area Materials Science and Production Engineering MAPEX has the aim to:

  • establish and maintain a network of competencies in the fields of materials science, materials technology, and materials processing;
  • increase the visibility of the MAPEX Research Landscape;
  • apply for and participate in third-party funding programmes;
  • promote cooperative research activities of early career researchers;
  • support an interdisciplinary doctoral education;
  • cooperatively acquire and share scientific equipment,
  • offer our scientists a diverse and family-friendly environment with equal opportunity, quality assurance, and data handling policies at the highest international standards.


MAPEX Presse|

At our workshops for Early Career Researchers young scientists from the University of Bremen get to know the scientists next door and each other.

Building bridges across faculties and institutes – that is one of our main goals at MAPEX. With the Workshop we encourage early-career researchers to boost their careers through interdisciplinary exchange. Our fully booked 13th Early Career Researcher Workshop hosted Christiane Heinicke,…

Kirsten Tracht
MAPEX Presse|

SCIENCE GOES PUBLIC! Learning from insects

In April, MAPEX was again at Science goes PUBlic. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kirsten Tracht talked about beetle feet, gecko tape and gripping sensitive components in "Wohnzimmer".

Armin Dekorsy
MAPEX Presse|

SCIENCE GOES PUBLIC! 6G for Earth and Space

The thirst for knowledge was great.

Andreas Fischer
MAPEX Presse|

ERC Grant for MAPEX member Andreas Fischer

Press release of the University of Bremen / 23.03.22 Kai Uwe Bohn. Engineering scientist Andreas Fischer receives around 2 million euros for foundation research.

Giorgia Zampardi
MAPEX Presse|

On the Path to the Next Generation of Energy Storage Systems

Press release of the University of Bremen / University Communication and Marketing / Kai Uwe Bohn / 07.03.2022: Aqueous zinc-ion batteries without any risk of explosion or fire - this is supposed to be the next generation of energy storage devices.

Bremer Studienpreises 2021
MAPEX Presse|

Congratulations: Three Bremen Thesis Awards for Final Theses in MAPEX Groups

Battery development, cancer therapy and nanomaterials – these are possible fields of application of three final theses awarded with the Bremen Study Prize 2021. MAPEX congratulates: the master thesis and the two dissertations were supervised by MAPEX members.

MAPEX Presse|

University of Bremen Involved in Mars Simulation

Press release University of Bremen/ 03.11.21 Kai Uwe Bohn. AMADEE-20: That is the name of the simulated Mars mission of the Austrian Space Forum, which was carried out in the Israeli Negev Desert. More than 25 experiments were carried out there.

Dr. Michael Fischer picture
MAPEX Presse|

DFG Funding: Heisenberg Position for MAPEX member

Dr. Michael Fischer from the Faculty of Geosciences will receive Heisenberg funding.

MAPEX Presse|

moma future: Breathing in space

A ZDF heute (19.05.2021) feature on life support systems on Mars based on cyanobacteria - Cyprien Verseux et al.

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MAPEX Speaker

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kurosch Rezwan

University of Bremen
IW3-Building, Room 2131
Am Biologischen Garten 2
28359 Bremen
Phone: +49 421 218 64930
E-Mail: MAPEX Sprecher

Science manager

Dr. Hanna Lührs

University of Bremen
IW3-Building, Room 2230
Am Biologischen Garten 2
28359 Bremen
Phone: +49 421 218 64580

Master’s course

‘Process-oriented Materials Research’ (ProMat)

Further information on the admission procedure and the structure of the degree program can be found here.

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