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The goal of MAPEX is the system-oriented research and development of materials and processes for sustainable transport and energy applications. Our research encompasses the fields of natural and engineering sciences as well as mathematics, aiming at a thorough understanding of the process-properties-performance relationships in materials.

MAPEX merges the know-how more than 1000 scientific and technical staff, 480 of which are doctoral candidates. Its 61 Principal Investigators, 7 Associate Investigators, and 26 Early Career Investigators are affiliated to five different university faculties and six external research institutes on the university campus.

Established in 2014 as the governance form of the high-profile area Materials Sciences and Technology MAPEX has the aim to:

  • establish and maintain a network of competencies in the fields of materials science, materials technology, and materials processing;
  • increase the visibility of the MAPEX Research Landscape;
  • apply for and participate in third-party funding programmes;
  • promote cooperative research activities of early career researchers;
  • support an interdisciplinary doctoral education;
  • cooperatively acquire and share scientific equipment,
  • offer our scientists a diverse and family-friendly environment with equal opportunity, quality assurance, and data handling policies at the highest international standards.

Funding Opportunities

MAPEX Förderungsmöglichkeiten|

New calls for research stays abroad

Funding for materials analyses in the MAPEX Core Facility and impulse projects is still available. Deadline for submission for PhD Research Grants: 19.2.2023, 21.5.2023, 10.9.2023, 12.11.2023


11.12. Oct
Materials for Environmental Engineering - MAPEX Symposium 2023
07. Dec
16th Early Career Researcher Workshop 'Science meets Industry'

Research Highlights

MAPEX Research Highlights|

Ceramic Open Cell Foams Featuring Plasmonic Hybrid Metal Nanoparticles for In Situ SERS Monitoring of Catalytic Reactions

Tongwei Guo; M. Mangir Murshed; Kurosch RezwanMichael Maas.

Advanced Materials Interfaces 10,1827, 2300207 (2023)

doi: 10.1002/admi.202300207

This work presents porous zirconia-toughened alumina ceramics functionalized with Au@Pd/Au@Pt core–shell nanoparticle (NP) for in situ monitoring of…

MAPEX Research Highlights|

Flame Aerosol Synthesis of Metal Sulfides at High Temperature in Oxygen-Lean Atmosphere

Suman Pokhrel; Jakob Stahl; Jan Derk Groeneveld; Marco Schowalter; Andreas Rosenauer; Johannes Birkenstock and Lutz Mädler.

Advanced Materials , 35, 2813, 2211104 (2023)

doi: 10.1002/adma.202211104

The development of a novel reactive spray technology based on the well-known gas-phase metal oxide…

MAPEX Research Highlights|

Compensation of sintering deformation for components manufactured by metal binder jetting using numerical simulations

Shahrooz Sadeghi Borujeni;  Gursimran Singh Saluja; Vasily Ploshikhin

Rapid Prototyping Journal, 29, 3, 612 - 6252 (2023)

doi: 10.1108/RPJ-06-2022-0181

Purpose: This study aims at compensating for sintering deformation of components manufactured by metal binder jetting (MBJ) technology.…


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Survival on Mars

Aggressive space radiation, a toxic atmosphere, temperatures averaging minus 65 degrees Celsius. Scientists Christiane Heinicke and Katharina Koschek explain what they are researching in the science magazine "Impact".

Professorin Ella Schmidt aus dem Fachbereich 5 - Geowissenschaften und Professor Thorsten Gesing aus dem Fachbereich 2 – Biologie/Chemie
MAPEX News| MAPEX Presse|

Atoms and Defects: A Visit to the Crystallography Lab

Geoscientist Ella Schmidt and chemist Thorsten Gesing open their laboratory doors. Using new methods, they are investigating the atomic structures of crystals. Read more in the up2date article by Maria Bossauer and Anja Rademacher.

Professor Andreas Fischer
MAPEX Presse|

Improving the chances of healing through medical measurement technology

Für sein neuestes Vorhaben erhält Professor Andreas Fischer vom Fachbereich Produktionstechnik der Universität Bremen eine Förderung im Rahmen der Momentum-Initiative der Volkswagenstiftung. Diese stellt knapp 800.000 Euro über einen Zeitraum von vier Jahren zur Verfügung.

two researchers holding probes
MAPEX Presse|

Bremen Engineering Prize Goes to Master’s Student at the University

Press release of the University of Bremen / 21.11.2022, Kai Uwe Bohm. “Material transport of product mixtures of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis analysis using nuclear magnetic resonance”: with this master’s thesis, Production Engineering student Alexander Zimmermann has greatly improved the process.

brain with connections
MAPEX Presse|

More than €500,000 for AI Research with Quantum Systems

Press release of the University of Bremen / 28.09.2022, Kai Uwe Bohm. Machine learning and artificial-intelligence (AI) methods are now used in many areas of life.

The four guests of the panel discussion with Hanna Lührs.

Panel discussion 'Exploring Space: Human versus Machine'

On September 5, 2022, a panel discussion was held at Universum Bremen, moderated by Hanna Lührs.

The “#MOIN! – Modellregion Industriemathematik” (model region for industrial mathematics) project develops innovative transfer instruments in the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) scholarship program T!Raum – TransferRäume für die Zukunft von Regionen.
MAPEX Presse|

Model Region for Industrial Mathematics is being created in and around Bremen

How much (industrial) mathematics is part of our everyday lives? What do we know about it and how can society and industry benefit? This is what the “#MOIN! – MOdellregion INdustriemathematik” innovation and transfer project is all about. The BMBF is funding it with approximately 6 million euros.

Gerendertes historisches Gerät aus der Schifffahrt
MAPEX Presse|

Hackathon: Bringing Maritime Navigation Instruments to Life

Presse release of University of Bremen / 19.09.2022, Kai Uwe Bohm. „Seaman’s Gear“: a two-day hackathon on October 8 and 9, 2022, aims to breathe new virtual life into historical maritime navigation instruments.

MAPEX Presse|

DLR Design Challenge Has Been Won: Smoke Detector “Sniffs out” Causes of Fire

Press release of the University of Bremen / 11.07.22 Kai Uwe Bohn.

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MAPEX Speaker

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kurosch Rezwan

University of Bremen
IW3-Building, Room 2131
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28359 Bremen
Phone: +49 421 218 64930
E-Mail: MAPEX Sprecher

Science manager

Dr. Hanna Lührs

University of Bremen
IW3-Building, Room 2230
Am Biologischen Garten 2
28359 Bremen
Phone: +49 421 218 64580

Master’s course

‘Process-oriented Materials Research’ (ProMat)

Further information on the admission procedure and the structure of the degree program can be found here.

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