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On the growth dynamics of the cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. PCC 7938 in Martian regolith

Tiago P. Ramalho, Guillaume Chopin, Lina Salman, Vincent Baumgartner, Christiane Heinicke, and Cyprien Verseux

npj Microgravity 8 (2022), 43

The sustainability of crewed infrastructures on Mars will depend on their abilities to produce consumables on…

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Disentangling catalysis and mass transport: Using diffusion measurements by pulsed field gradient NMR to reveal the microkinetics of CO oxidation over nanoporous gold

Amineh Baniani, Stefan Wild, Evan M.Forman, Thomas Risse, Sergey Vasenkov, Marcus Bäumer

Journal of Catalyst 413 (2022), 1123

Since the first studies reporting on its surprising catalytic properties, nanoporous gold (npAu) has emerged as a novel and ever…

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Investigation of the dealloying front in partially corroded alloys

Christoph Mahr, Jorge Adrian Tapia Burgos, Marco Schowalter, Arne Wittstock and Andreas Rosenauer.

Material Research Letters 10 (2022),12, 824

Nanoporous gold as obtained by corrosion of alloys of gold and a less noble metal is a system with manifold…

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Identification of a HTT-specific binding motif in DNAJB1 essential for suppression and disaggregation of HTT

S. M. Ayala Mariscal, M. L. Pigazzini, Y. Richter, M. Özel, I. L. Grothaus, J. Protze, K. Ziege, M. Kulke, M. Elbediwi, J.V. Vermaas, L. Colombi Ciacchi, S. Köppen, F. Liu, J. Kirstein.

Nature Communications 13 (2022) , 4692.

Huntington’s disease is a…

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Ultrahigh Electron Thermal Conductivity in T-Graphene, Biphenylene, and Net-Graphene

Zhen Tong, Alessandro Pecchia, ChiYung Yam, Traian Dumitrică, Thomas Frauenheim

Advanced Energy Materials12 (2022), 28

Although isolated nonhexagonal carbon rings in graphene are associated with strain relaxation and curvature, dense and ordered…

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Spatially resolved direct gas-phase thermometry in chemical reactors using NMR

Harm Ridder, Christoph Sinn, Georg R. Pesch, Wolfgang Dreher, Jorg Thöming

Chemical Engineering Journal  433 (2022), 133583

In the last decade, in-situ studies using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) showed the possibility to monitor local transport…

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ESA s Cometary Mission Rosetta Re‐Characterization of the COSAC Mass Spectrometry

Guillaume Leseigneur, Dr. Jan Hendrik Bredehöft, Dr. Thomas Gautier, Dr. Chaitanya Giri, Dr. Harald Krüger, Prof. Dr. Alexandra J. MacDermott, Prof. Dr. Uwe J. Meierhenrich, Dr. Guillermo M. Muñoz Caro, Prof. Dr. François Raulin, Dr. Andrew Steele, Dr. Harald Steininger, Prof. Dr. Cyril Szopa, Prof.…

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Electrochemical Methods for Exploiting Low-Temperature Heat Sources: Challenges in Material Research

Doriano Brogioli, Fabio La Mantia

Advanced Energy Materials 12 (2022), 22

The exploitation of renewable low temperature heat sources below 100 °C can significantly contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy, in particular if applied to small and…

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Numerical simulation of shrinkage and deformation during sintering in metal binder jetting with experimental validation

Shahrooz Sadeghi Borujeni, AnwarShad, Kiranmayi Abburi Venkata, NicoGünther, VasilyPloshikhin

Materials & Design  216 (2022), 110490

Sintering, as a post-processing step in metal binder jetting (MBJ), often results in distortion. Numerical simulations…

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Molecular diameters of rarefied gases

S. Kunze, R. Groll, B. Besser & J. Thöming

Scientific Reports12 (2022), 2057

Molecular diameters are an important property of gases for numerous scientific and technical disciplines. Different measurement techniques for these diameters exist, each…

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Open challenges and good experimental practices in the research field of aqueous Zn-ion batteries

Giorgia Zampardi & Fabio La Mantia

Nature Communications 13 (2022) , 687

Aqueous zinc-ion batteries are realistic candidates as stationary storage systems for power-grid applications. However, to accelerate their commercialization, some important…

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Surface-initiated ring-opening polymerization of ε-caprolactone as a feasible approach to modify flax yarn

J. Müller-Hülstede, H. Schäfer, P. Schiffels, P. Bottke, M. Wark, K. Koschek

Composites Part A 152 (2021), 106714

Surface-initiated ring-opening (SI-ROP) polymerization of ɛ-caprolactone is known as possible modification method to increase the hyd…

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