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Latest Research Highlights

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MAPEX Research Highlights|

From μCT data to CFD: an open-source workflow for engineering applications

Kevin Kuhlmann, Christoph Sinn, Judith Marie Undine Siebert, Gregor Wehinger, Jorg Thöming & Georg R. Pesch

Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics (2022) 16, 1

The generation of high-quality volume meshes out of µCT data can be a…

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MAPEX Research Highlights|

Ultrahigh Electron Thermal Conductivity in T-Graphene, Biphenylene, and Net-Graphene

Zhen Tong, Alessandro Pecchia, ChiYung Yam, Traian Dumitrică, Thomas Frauenheim

Advanced Energy Materials (2022) 12, 28

Although isolated nonhexagonal carbon rings in graphene are associated with strain relaxation and curvature, dense and ordered…

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MAPEX Research Highlights|

Electrochemical Methods for Exploiting Low-Temperature Heat Sources: Challenges in Material Research

Doriano Brogioli, Fabio La Mantia

Advanced Energy Materials (2022) 12, 22

The exploitation of renewable low temperature heat sources below 100 °C can significantly contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy, in particular if applied to small and…

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