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Tidying up the conformational ensemble of a disordered peptide by computational prediction of spectroscopic fingerprints

Monika Michaelis, Lorenzo Cupellini, Carl Mensch, Carole C. Perry, Massimo Delle Piane, Lucio Colombi Ciacchia

Chemical Science 14(2023)


The most advanced structure prediction methods are powerless in exploring the conformational ensemble of disordered…

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Accurate structure models and absolute configuration determination using dynamical effects in continuous-rotation 3D electron diffraction data

Paul B Klar; Yaşar Krysiak; Hongyi Xu; Gwladys Steciuk; Jung Cho; Xiaodong Zou; Lukas Palatinus.

Nature Chemistry 15 (2023), 848 - 855

doi: 10.1038/s41557-023-01186-1

Continuous-rotation 3D electron diffraction methods are increasingly popular for the structure analysis of very small organic…

Nanomaterials combining
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A Machine-Learning-Based Approach for Solving Atomic Structures of Nanomaterials Combining Pair Distribution Functions with Density Functional Theory

Magnus Kløve; Sanna Sommer; Bo B. Iversen; Bjørk Hammer; Wilke Dononelli.

Advanced Materials 35 (2023), 2208220

doi: 10.1002/adma.202208220

Determination of crystal structures of nanocrystalline or amorphous compounds is a great challenge in solid-state chemistry and physics. Pair distribution…

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