Early Career Researchers

Early Career Researchers (ECR) at all career stages in MAPEX benefit from a number of dedicated supporting measures - these range from financial support for research projects, research stays abroad, and workshops, to the broad portfolio of qualification courses and networking or consultation services offered by BYRD


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PhD candidates

MAPEX Funding

Early career researchers in groups of MAPEX members have the possibility to apply for additional funding for research stays abroad, interdisciplinary research projects, and workshops.


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MAPEX Early Career Researcher Workshops

With the MAPEX Early Career Researcher Workshops we have created a lively networking platform, taking place twice a year and focusing in turn on fundamental science or technology transfer.


    Neighbour visits

    During the mutual "neighborhood visits", all interested colleagues have the opportunity to become familiar with the various institutes and laboratories on the campus.

    Neighbour visit: IFAM

    MAPEX Lunch Meeting

    A good opportunity to get in touch with peers from different faculties and institutes is during the monthly lunch meeting of the MAPEX Early Career Investigators.

    • NEW jour fixe: every first working day of the month
    • NEW location: Café Unique (MAPEX sign on the table)
    • SAME time: 12:30

    All interested scientists and students are invited to meet the MAPEX ECIs and stay up to date with the latest MAPEX developments.
    You don't have to be a MAPEX member to join the meeting. There is no official programme; everyone pays his/her own food and drinks.

      All upcoming dates are also in the calendar

      Research Training Groups

      Within MAPEX three DFG funded Research Training Groups exist:

      • RTG 2247: Quantum Mechanical Materials Modelling - QM³
      • RTG 2224: ϖ³: Parameter Identification - Analysis, Algorithms, Implementations
      • RTG 1860: Mikro-, meso- und makropoous nonmetallic Materials: Fundamentals and Applications "MIMENIMA"

      Postgraduate International Programme in Physics and Electrical Engineering

      The Faculty of Physics and Electrical Engineering of the University of Bremen invites graduate physicists and electrical engineers from all over the world to come here for a postgraduate study.
      Our Postgraduate International Programme offers:

      • outstanding research opportunities
      • state-of-the-art research facilities
      • close guidance by your supervisor

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      BYRD - Bremen Early Career Researcher Development

      BYRD  - Bremen Early Career Researcher Development - is the central hub for all early career scientists to receive information ranging from qualification courses to administrative procedures as well as career paths.


      Support for families

      Financial support for additional family-care services, e .g. during MAPEX events, business and conference trips as well as research stays abroad.


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