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MAPEX Master’s course ‘Process-oriented Materials Research’ (ProMat)

Excellent STEM students with the goal of pursuing an academic career and already having a clear vision of their future research field are the target group of the new research-oriented master’s course ‘Process-oriented Materials Research’ (ProMat), that started in October 2018.


Study programmes in the field of materials sciences and processes


Core study programmes in MAPEX


Master study programme


Physics01 Physics/Electrical Engineering
Chemistry (in german)02 Biology/Chemistry
Industrial Mathematics03 Mathematics/Computer Science
Process-oriented Materials Research, ProMat04 Production Engineering
Production Engineering04 Production Engineering
Systems Engineering04 Production Engineering
Materials Chemistry and Mineralogy*INT05 Geosciences
Control, Microsystems, Microelectronics *INT01 Physics/Electrical Engineering
Communication and Information Technology *INT01 Physics/Electrical Engineering
Environmental Physics *INT01 Physics/Electrical Engineering
Space Sciences and Technologies *INT01 Physics/Electrical Engineering
Electrical and Information Engineering with Management01 Physics/Electrical Engineering
Electrical and Information Engineering01 Physics/Electrical Engineering
Digital Media03 Mathematics/Computer Science
Computer Science03 Mathematics/Computer Science
Medical Biometry/Biostatistics03 Mathematics/Computer Science
Mathematics03 Mathematics/Computer Science
Space Engineering*INT04 Production Engineering
Engineering and Management - Production Engineering04 Production Engineering
Geosciences05 Geosciences
Marine Geosciences*INT05 Geosciences


Core study programmes in MAPEX

*INT = International study programme

Mailinglist for students

You are welcome to register for this mailing list, if you are a student in one the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) at the University of Bremen or another university. As a member of the MAPEX student mailing list we will keep you updated about all MAPEX activities for students early-career researchers.


Database Study Programmes

In the database study programmes, you can get information about the extensive study programme offered by the University of Bremen.


Academy Hypathia

Identifying brilliant minds, inspiring them for scientific work, and giving them professional support for their career development is the aim of the ‘Academia Hypatia’, a programme for university students successfully established in all our three CRCs.


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Akademy Hypathia

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