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Industrial Mathematics (Bachelor)

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    Fachbereich 03

    Technomathematik (Bachelor)

Title on graduation
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Standard course length
6 Semester

Language of delivery

Deadline for application (beginner)
winter semester: 31.07.

Open admission

Researcher Bachelor by choice as

  • sole subject

Study description

The many high-tech devices and processes (space satellites, autonomous driving cars, mass spectroscopy, computer tomography, etc.) which define our everyday life would be very different without mathematics. Without the use of mathematical methods, these developments would not have been possible.
Mathematicians are often at the heart of the product development process: they are the ones who can contribute general knowledge on most aspects of the development process, with modeling and the mathematical knowledge required to do so forming the core. In addition to using mathematics effectively, they can also quickly understand the technical background and deal efficiently with hardware and software.

Interdisciplinarity and application orientation are therefore the hallmarks of the industrial mathematics program: it combines a practice-oriented mathematics education, which focuses on mathematical modeling of technical-industrial problems, with a technical application subject and computer science. In addition to basic training, students gain initial…

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