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Science goes Public

Lots of entertaining science in an amusing 30 minutes. Are you interested in some exciting insights into unknown worlds? SCIENCE GOES PUBLIC! satisfies your thirst for knowledge. Twice a year, original scientific topics are presented in selected pubs and bars in Bremerhaven and Bremen in a varied and humorous way.


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Press releases

Dr. Michael Fischer picture
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DFG Funding: Heisenberg Position for MAPEX member

Dr. Michael Fischer from the Faculty of Geosciences will receive Heisenberg funding.

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moma future: Breathing in space

A ZDF heute (19.05.2021) feature on life support systems on Mars based on cyanobacteria - Cyprien Verseux et al.

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Making maritime materials a museum experience - Press release German Maritime Museum / Thomas Joppig

"Digital Materialities. Virtual and Analogue Forms of Exhibition" (DigiMat) is looking for new exhibition and mediation formats for digital exhibits.

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Staying long-term

Press release ZARM / 16.02.2021: The "red planet" in the evening sky seems more and more within reach, as leading space agencies aspire astronaut missions to Mars in the future.

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viele bunte Striche in einem 3D-Koordinatensystem
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A Deep Look Inside

An article about the MAPEX X-ray microscope by Kai Uwe Bohn published in the update. 04 magazine of the University of Bremen.

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One-way street for electrons

A team led by theoretical physicist Professor Thomas Frauenheim (University of Bremen) and Dr. Antonietta De Sio (University of Oldenburg) has observed directional energy transport between molecules of a nanomaterial for the first time. The results have now been published in Nature Nanotechnology.

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