Equal opportunities and diversity

Gender equality and diversity are strategic aims of the University of Bremen. In MAPEX, we are committed to providing the necessary conditions for an equal chance to pursue and succeed in an academic career regardless of gender, ethnic or social background, language, religion or philosophy, age, physical or psychical disabilities, or sexual identity. The role of MAPEX is to consolidate and further develop equal opportunity measures from the running coordinated DFG programmes in a way that also researchers not involved in these programmes can profit from them. Therefore, regular meetings of a core group including all equal opportunity and diversity representatives of the coordinated projects, the faculties, and the whole university take place.


Already established measures are:

Family Support

Family care during MAPEX events

To facilitate the participation of young parents to MAPEX events that last until late in the afternoon, we offer a child-care support. The support involves the payment of the familiar babysitter and if necessary help finding a babysitter.

Since summer 2019 the organization and billing are handled by the pilot project:

Uni KLEX - Childcare fLEXibel for scientists in the qualification phase

Please contact Uni KLEX prior to the event.

Accompanying person on business trips

Conference trips, journeys in order to perform special experiments or visits to cooperation partners are an essential part of the scientific work. For parents of infants or scientists caring for relatives, these trips represent an almost insurmountable obstacle. MAPEX can contribute to the travel costs for an accompanying person taking care of the accompanying infant or contribute to the additional care costs at home.


navigare - Career Coaching for International Women in Science

The coaching program navigare addresses female early career researchers (doctoral candidates, postdocs) who aim for a career in science.

The international program runs from March to December 2023, more.

Two program started in September 2017 as a joint initiative of six running coodinated DFG programs and MAPEX:

The ‘classical’ program was offered in German with a slightly stronger focus on possible gender barriers in science whereas the ‘international’ version was in English and with a stronger emphasis on the scientific career of female scientists in an internatinoal environment. Sine 2021 the program is offered in English

The program is coordinated and was developed by the office for equal opportunities at the University of Bremen.

Quick info

Programme runs from March to December 2023
navigare 2023


For questions please contact Hanna Lührs.


navigare 2022

navigare 2021

navigare international 2019 - 2020

navigare 2017 - 2018
navigare classic
navigare international



Central offers of the University of Bremen

Additionally, the University offers a broad portfolio of programmes and support:

Internationalization is a goal firmly anchored in the university’s guiding principles. The internationalization strategy of the University of Bremen shapes the policy to be pursued over the coming years and determines the way the university administration and the different faculties focus their internationalization efforts.

Diversity (in german)
The renowned diversity policy of the University of Bremen is centrally steered by the Vice President Diversity and International.

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