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International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board (IAB) is composed of seven internationally leading and highly distinguished personalities from academia and industry. Their role is to evaluate whether the MAPEX center meets its defined goals of international visibility and scientific excellence. They also guide and consult MAPEX with respect to the medium-term and long-term reshaping of its research landscape, e.g. individuating key areas of investigation in which human and technical resources should be invested, or suggesting reduction of efforts in others. The IAB members are appointed by the Executive Board and hold a mandate of four years. At least two meetings are envisaged during the mandate period of the IAB.

Members of the International Advisory Board

Anke Kleinschmit

Dr. André Walter

Prof. Knut Deppert

Prof. Markus Kraft

Prof. Nora de Leeuw

Prof. Sybrand van der Zwaag

Prof. Hans-Conradzur Loye


    Former Members of the International Advisory Board

    IAB 2016 in Bremen, from left to right: M.W. Finnis, H.-C. zur Loye, S.F. Bent, H. Henein, S. van der Zwaag.
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