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New MAPEX Postcard - 6

Molecular surfaces of molecules in a crystal lattice. The contact patches to their neighbor molecules are given in red. Diameter: 1-2 mm.

Schütrumpf et al., ACS Crystal Growth and Design 15, 4925-4931 (2015)


associated with MAPEX Research Highlight 10-2015:

Tetrahedral Tetraphosphonic Acids. New Building Blocks in Supramolecular Chemistry


Alexandra Schütrumpf, Erdoğan Kirpi, Aysun Bulut, Flavien L. Morel, Marco Ranocchiari,
Enno Lork, Yunus Zorlu, Simon Grabowsky, Gündoğ Yücesan, and Jens Beckmann


ACS Crystal Growth and Design (2015) 15, 4925-4931.

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