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Congratulations: Three Bremen Thesis Awards for Final Theses in MAPEX Groups

Battery development, cancer therapy and nanomaterials – these are possible fields of application of three final theses awarded with the Bremen Study Prize 2021. MAPEX congratulates: the master thesis and the two dissertations were supervised by MAPEX members.

Eric Macke is the first graduate of the master's program in Process-Oriented Materials Research (ProMat), initiated at MAPEX. He receives the Bremen Study Award for his master thesis "Copper hexacyanoferrate as cathode material – an in-depth theoretical investigation with electronic structure methods". His work is dedicated to the simulation of a novel class of materials: the so-called Prussian blue analogs. These could be used in the future for inexpensive yet powerful rechargeable batteries. The master's thesis was supervised by MAPEX member Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lucio Colombi Ciacchi.

Dr.-Ing. Hendrik Naatz from the Faculty of Production Engineering receives the Bremen Study Award for his dissertation "Energy Levels and Dissolution: Two Predictors of Metal Oxide Nano-Bio Interactions". His work is dedicated to predictions of the impact of synthetic nanomaterials on the environment. More specifically, he examines their toxicity. In nanomedicine, this toxicity can be targeted to attack cancer cells. An approach using nanoparticles is also promising where conventional chemotherapy fails. The dissertation was supervised by MAPEX member Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lutz Mädler.

Dr. Markus Rohdenburg from the Faculty of Biology/Chemistry was awarded the special prize from Bruker Daltonics GmbH & Co. KG. He receives it for his dissertation "Neuartige Aufreinigungsverfahren für die Elektronenstrahl-induzierte Abscheidung (FEBID)“ (Novel purification processes for electron beam induced deposition (FEBID)). His work is devoted to a highly state-of-the-art tool in nanotechnology. Since FEBID does not work without the appropriate chemistry, Markus Rohdenburg investigated its fundamentals and improvement in his work. The dissertation was supervised by MAPEX member Prof. Dr. Petra Swiderek.

The Bremen Study Award. The "unifreunde", the Society of Friends of the University of Bremen and Jacobs University, awards the Bremen Study Prize annually for outstanding theses. This year, three dissertations and two master's theses from the University will be honored in the categories of natural sciences and engineering as well as humanities and social sciences at the award ceremony on March 1, 2022, at Bremen City Hall. All three awards in the category natural sciences and engineering go to theses that were supervised by MAPEX members.


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Press release of the University of Bremen about the Bremen Study Award

Bremer Studienpreises 2021
Ceremony of the Bremen Thesis Award 2021, on the left Eric Macke, on the right Dr.-Ing. Hendrik Naatz.
Eric Macke
ProMat graduate Eric Macke receives the Bremen Study Award 2021.
Dr.-Ing. Hendrik Naatz
Dr.-Ing. Hendrik Naatz receives the Bremen Thesis Award 2021.
Markus Rohdenburg
Markus Rohdenburg discusses improved FEBID processes with collaboration partner Lisa McElwee-White from the University of Florida (Gainesville) on the occasion of a symposium in Modena (Italy).
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