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New MAPEX Postcard - 10

The crystalline orientation and morphology of sub-micrometer cerium dioxide islands grown on a copper surface can be controlled by adjusting the cerium-to-oxygen ratio during deposition.

Höcker et al., The Journal of Physical Chemistry C  120, 4895−4901 (2016)


associated with MAPEX Research Highlight 03-2016:

Controlling Heteroepitaxy by Oxygen Chemical Potential: Exclusive Growth of (100) Oriented Ceria Nanostructures on Cu(111)


Jan Höcker, Tomáš Duchoň, Kateřina Veltruská, Vladimír Matolín, Jens Falta, Sanjaya D. Senanayake and J. Ingo Flege.


The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2016) 120, 4895−4901.

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