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SCIENCE GOES PUBLIC! 6G for Earth and Space

Entertaining science in an inspiring 30 minutes was offered by Armin Dekorsy in the well-attended Bremen pub "Gastfeld".

What innovations can we expect from 6G? What role will communication between humans and robots play in the settlement of Mars? Armin Dekorsy from the University of Bremen explored these questions on Thursday evening in the pub "Gastfeld" in Bremen's Neustadt. In a lecture moderated by Hanna Lührs, the professor for communication technologies from the University of Bremen gave more than 70 visitors an insight into his research. Among other things, the director of the Gauss-Olbers Space Technology Transfer Center presented his work from the "Humans on Mars" initiative. Twice a year, the SCIENCE GOES PUBLIC! format presents original science topics in pubs and bars in Bremen and Bremerhaven.

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Armin Dekorsy
Armin Dekorsy presents his research at Science goes Public.
Armin Dekorsy
After the talk, the audience discusses 6G on Earth and in space.
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