Talks in Summer Semester 2023 (Linzer Str. 4, Room 40010, ground floor KKSB & online)

The zoom-Link for an online participation is:

Monady, October 23 (2023), 2:30 pm
Tom Splittgerber (Uni Bremen), "Introdcution to Normalizing Flows"

Monay, September 11 (2023), 2 pm
Mika-Joel Walmann (Uni Bremen), "Generalizations of the Glivenko-Cantelli Theorem"

Friday, July 18 (2023), 4 pm
Serhat Günay (Uni Bremen), „Analysis of parameter and partial parameter impacts“

Monday, July 3 (2023), 9:30 am
Varun Raj Ginde (Uni Bremen), “Bayesian Variable Selection”

Monday, June 12 (2023), 9:30 am
Eike Voss (Uni Bremen), "Working Report: Assessing risk of bias with Cochrane's RoB 2 tool in studies applying the estimand framework"

Monday, June 5 (2023), 9:30 am
Vincent Jankovic (Uni Bremen), "Online FWER control with dependent test statistics"

Friday, April 14 (2023), 12 pm
Alex Rink (Uni Bremen), " Einf ührung in Neuronale Netze und Ansätze zur Interpretierbarkeit"

Talks in Winter Semester 2022/23 (Linzer Str. 4, Room 40010, ground floor KKSB & online)

The zoom-Link for an online participation is:

Monday, Januar 23 (2023), 1:15
Werner Brannath (Uni Bremen), "Towards a concept of essential type one error rates"

Monday, Januar 16 (2023), 1:15
Martin Scharpenberg (Uni Bremen), "Simultaneous confidence intervals for an extended Koch-Röhmel design in three-arm non-inferiority trials"

Monday, Januar 9 (2023), 1:15 pm
Remi Luschei (Uni Bremen), "The effect of estimating prevalences on the population wise error rate"

Monday, December 12 (2022), 1:15 pm
Vincent Jankovic (Uni Bremen), "Online FDR control with correlated test statistics"

Monday, December 5 (2022), 2:15 pm
Lasse Fischer (Uni Bremen), "Online multiple testing with FWER control"

Monday, November 28 (2022), 1:15 pm
Eike Voss (Uni Bremen), "Bias assessment with the Cochrane RoB 2 tool in the light of the estimand framework"

Monday, November 21 (2022), 1:15 pm
Serhat Günay (Uni Bremen), "Partial parameter effects: Definitions, inference methods and Applications of partial parameter effect"

Monday, November 14 (2022), 1:15 pm
Serhat Günay (Uni Bremen), “Fundamentals from the theory of semiparametric models"

Monday, November 7 (2022), 2:15 pm
Annika Swenne (Uni Bremen and BIPS), “Confounder Adjustment based on Local Residuals in Genetic Association Studies with Random Forests”

Monday, October 24 (2022), 1:15 pm
Horward Chen Haoyu (Vetmeduni Vienna), "Testing for selection using haplotypes"

Monday, October 17 (2022), 1:15
Anja Hülsmann (Uni Bremen), "Sample Size Reviews in Diagnostic Studies for Testing the AUC"

Talks in Winter Semester 2020/21

Monday, 13.12.2021, 2 p.m., via zoom
Vincent Janković (University Bremen), "Adaptive Testing Procedures for Online Control of the False Discovery Rate"

Wednesday, 03.11.2021, 10:30 a.m., Linzer Str 4 (KKSB), Room 40010, Ground Floor
Marta Bofill Roig (Medical University of Vienna), "Model-based time trend adjustments in platform trials with non-concurrent controls"

Talks in Summer Semester 2020

Wednesday, 20.10.2020, 10 a.m., via BigBlueBottom 
Pascal Rink (University Bremen), "A Warp-Speed Method for Conducting Monte Carlo Experiments Involving Bootstrap Estimators"

Wednesday, 12.08.2020, 10 a.m., via zoom
Serhat Günay (University of Bremen), "Counterfactual distributions and influence functions"

Wednesday, 20.05.2020, 10 a.m., via zoom
Pascal Rink (University Bremen), "Introduction to Post-Selection Inference"

Wednesday, 08.04.2020, 10 a.m., via Skype
Serhat Günay (University of Bremen), "Inference on counterfactual distirbutions"

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