International Workshop

Globalizing lifestyles between McDonaldization and sustainability perspectives – The case of the new middle classes

4.-5. October 2007, University of Bremen, artec | Forschungszentrum Nachhaltigkeit.

The world-wide spread of extremely resource-intensive lifestyles is one of the most important challenges on our way towards a more sustainable future. Despite the epochal dimensions of this challenge it is still an open question whether and, if so, how lifestyles really are becoming globalised: what are relevant dimensions of homogenisation and heterogenization and what is the scope of assets for more sustainable lifestyles?
The workshop promoted the discussion between strands of research that are still rather unconnected. It was from such a perspective that the workshop encompassed four panels:
- socio-economic and socio-cultural disparities among the “new middle classes”
- homogeneity and heterogeneity of lifestyles in their ambience
- impact of systems of provision and of governance systems
- convergence and divergence of societal paths of modernisation

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