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Science-Policy Workshop in Cilacap, Java, Indonesia

on environmental governance in the Segara Anakan lagoon and its catchment area

Jill Heyde and Martin C. Lukas conducted a science-policy workshop in Cilacap on the Indonesian island of Java on the 12th of January 2016. This workshop was part of a longer-term research engagement focussing on land use changes and environmental governance in the Segara Anakan lagoon and its catchment area in the frame of the research programme SPICE (Science for the Protection of Indonesian Coastal Marine Ecosystems). The workshop, entitled Tata Kelola Lingkungan di Laguna dan Daerah Aliran Sungai Segara Anakan, brought together representatives of various governmental and non-governmental organisations. These included lagoon, river and watershed management authorities; forest and fisheries management authorities; agricultural extension services; land registration agencies; district and village governments; community groups; environmental groups; and land rights and land reform movements. The aims of the workshop were to share and discuss research results with policy makers and civil society and to open a discussion about corresponding policy and management implications. The workshop was one of the project’s main efforts to foster science-policy interfaces.

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