Women and Land Conflicts in Rural Households: Prevalence, Impact and Resolution in Kisii County, Kenya


Dolphine Isinta

Michael Flitner

Land rights are particularly critical in agrarian communities since they determine the socioeconomic and cultural welfare of the society. Likewise, improving women’s access to land is a crucial subject in Kenya and other developing countries where land is the basic source of livelihood. In Kenya specifically, more than three quarters of the population live in rural areas where land is not only an economic resource but also a symbol of identity. Despite efforts to eradicate injustices and discrimination in land laws through reforms, land rights have remained biased against women in Kenya.

The choice to study women’s land rights and land tenure security was inspired by the fact that despite the constitution of Kenya giving equal land rights to both men and women, women have remained marginalized in access and control of land. Women’s land rights are especially critical in Kisii, a region popular for agricultural productivity but with land scarcity.

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