Dr. rer. pol. Patrick Augenstein

Staatsexamen Geographie 

Doktorand mit Schwerpunkt in den Themenbereichen Nachhaltige Entwicklung und Environmental Governance.

    • Documentary Film
    • Repeated Photography
    • Political Ecology
    • Restoration Ecology

    Augenstein, P. T. (2015). China - Restoring the Loess Plateau. In A. Brasser  et al.(Eds), 4 Returns from Landscape Restoration – A systemic and practical approach to restore degraded landscapes. Commonland Publication.

    Augenstein, P. T. (2015). Rwanda - Restoring Wetlands and Hydropower. In A. Brasser et al. (Eds), 4 Returns from Landscape Restoration – A systemic and practical approach to restore degraded landscapes. Commonland  Publication.

    Augenstein, P. (2012). Wagenburgwunsch wird Wirklichkeit. In M. Ziel, S. Oßwald, O. Hasemann & D. Schnier (Eds.), Second Hand Spaces – über das Recyceln von Orten im städtischen Wandel (pp.123-125). Bremen: Zwischenzeit Zentrale Bremen.
    Publikation verfügbar unter: http://www.zzz-bremen.de/2nd-hand-spaces-dokumentation/

    Augenstein, P. (2010). Die Goldenen Dörfer - Anders Leben. Polis - Das Magazin für Urban Development, 4, 62 - 65.

    Augenstein, P. (2008). Wagenburgkultur in Deutschland – Mit einer Fallstudie zur Situation in Freiburg im Breisgau (Final examination paper / Grade: 1,3).

    2017. The Great Green Wall - the series - (2K/work in progress). Executive Director & Producer.

    2017. Holistic Pasture Management (2K/work in progress). Executive Director & Producer.

    2017. Ecosystem-based adaption in Mauritania (HD/work in progress). Director & Producer. (UNEP).

    2017. Ecosystem-based adaptation in Nepal (HD/work in progress). Director & Producer. (IEMP).

    2016. The rituals of restoration (HD/12 min.). Director & Producer. (Stichting Wees een Kans).

    2016. Planting Prosperity - Greening Peru (HD/15 min.). Director & Producer (Pachamama Raymi Trust).

    2016. The re-discovery of humanity - ecosystem restoration and migration. (2K/ 28 min.). Director & Producer. (UNCCD, World Bank, IUCN).

    2015. Forests for the Future – Ecosystem restoration in Ghana. (HD/25 min.). Director. (Form International).

    2015. Kofi Annan on Ecosystem Restoration (2K/8 min.). Director & Producer. (Kofi Annan Foundation).

    2015. The rules of degradation (HD/12 min.). Director & Producer. (SoLogical Foundation).

    2014. North Korea - The Paektu Volcano - (HD/uncut) Pre-Prod. Assessment. (Werner Herzog Productions).

    2014. Sunny Side of Doc in Chengdu - The Environmental Film in China (HD/15 min. x 4). Presenter. (Chengdu TV).

    2014. Ecosystem Restoration, Conservation and Religion: Healing the Earth and the Human Spirit (HD/ 16 min.). Executive Director. (CEM/IUCN).

    2014. Finding Common Ground in South Africa – Baviaanskloof  Restoration. (HD/53 min.). Director. (Commonland Foundation).

    2014. The Promise of the Commons (HD/22 min.). Director & Producer. (Foundation for Ecological Security).

    2013. Underground Forests of West Africa (HD/12 min.). Executive Director. (UNCCD).

    2013. The Blue Gold of the Aztecs - Watershed restoration in Mexico (HD/14 min.) Executive Director, Director of Photography. (UNCCD).

    2013. Reclaiming the Commons - Lessons from India (HD/12 min.). Executive Director, Director of Photography. (UNCCD).

    2013. Food Security and Landscape Transformation in Ethiopia (HD/30 min.). Scientific Researcher, Editor. (DFID).

    2013. Threaten Species of China: The Oriental Stork (HD/4 min.). Associate Producer. (Tianjin TV).

    2013. Perennial Paradise - Permaculture in Australia (HD/30 min.). Editor. (PIA).

    2012. Andrew’s Experimental Research Forest, Oregon (HD/uncut). Director of photography. (IUCN/USFS).

    2012. Combating Soil degradation in Turkey: The history of TEMA (HD/12 min-). Scientific Researcher, Editor. (UNCCD).

    2012. Eco-School Concept in Uganda (HD/15 min-). Produced, filmed and directed. (UNCCD).

    2012. Jane Goodall - Restoring Earth (HD/8 min.). Editor. (JG-Institute).

    2012. Rio+20 - The Path to Sustainability (HD/15 min-). Scientific Researcher, Director of Photography. (REMA/UNEP).

    2011. Rwanda - Emerging in a Changing Climate (HD/30 min.). Scientific Researcher, Director of Photography. (CDKN/REMA).

    2011. The Costs of Industrialization: Wealth and Cancer (HD/3x10 min.). Associate Producer. (Tangshan TV).

    2011. Miyun - Watershed restoration for China’s capital (HD/15 min.). Produced, written, directed. (IUCN China).

    2011. Forests keep Drylands Working (HD/15 min.) Scientific Researcher, Editor. (UNCCD).

    2011. Rwanda - Forests of Hope (HD/30 min.). Assistant Editor. (REMA/UNEP).

    2011. In Search of Sustainability – Restoring India’s Garo Hills (HD/10 min.). Filmed, written, directed. (IUCN).

    2011. Green Call for Mongolia (HD/30 min.). Editor. (World Bank).

    2010. Rwanda – Back to the Garden (HD/30 min.). Scientific Researcher, Camera. (REMA/UNEP).

    2010. Green Call for China - Concerto (HD/30 min.). Assistant Editor. (World Bank).

    2010. Forest Restoration in Nepal (HD/9 min.). Produced, written, directed. (EEMP).

    2010. Four Stories on Ecosystem Restoration in Taiwan (HD/13 min.). Produced, written, directed. (EEMP).

    2009. Hope in a Changing Climate (HD/30 min.). Assistant to the Director. (BBC).

    2009. The Next Steppe – Energy Efficiency in Mongolia (HD/30 min.). Sound Engineer. (World Bank).

    2008. The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Report (HD/9 min.). Research Assistant. (UNEP).

    2008. Reshaping Economic Geography (HD/30 min.). Audio Assistant. (World Bank).

    2005. Regional news reporting (HD/8x2 min). Location Assistant. (NDR).

    2003. Kensho  - Japanische Freiheit (SD/8 min.). Produced, written, directed. (Experimental).

    2002. Tatort - Flashback (32 mm/90 min.). Set Assistant. (SWR).

    2001. A Hard Day’s Night (SD/35 min.). Produced, written, directed. (Experimental)

    1998. Morning Glory (8mm/16 min.). Produced, written, directed. (Experimental).

    Associated Scientist University of Bremen (artec), Germany

    CEO - Gesellschaft für Internationale Umweltbildung e.V.

    2014 - 2016 
    Head of Film Productions - Commonland Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    since 2013
    Doctoral Candidate (rer. pol.) University of Bremen, Germany

    2011 - 2013
    First assistant to the IUCN ambassador for ecosystem restoration, John D. Liu, Peking, China

    2010 - 2012
    Film production consultant to the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), Kigali, Rwanda

    since 2009  
    Research Director at the Environmental Education Media Project (EEMP), Peking, China    

    Research Assistant – Haller Foundation, Mombasa, Kenya

    Practical training at the state sponsored broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), Studio Oldenburg, Germany

    2003 – 2007
    Graduation (Staatsexamen) in Geography, Philosophy and English, University of Freiburg i.Br., Germany

    2002 – 2003
    Studies of Geography and English, University of Cologne, Germany

    Practical training at the state sponsored broadcaster Südwestrundfunk (SWR), Baden-Baden, Germany


    • Documentary Film-AG (Doc-AG)
    • European Documentary Film Network (EDFN)
    • Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration (GPFLR)
    • Society for Ecological Restoration (SER)


    Hope in a Changing Climate (EEMP) - Best Documentary Film in the category: Ecosystem at the International Wildlife Film Festival, Montana, USA

    Hope in a Changing Climate (EEMP) - Best Documentary Film at Green Screen Festival in Vancouver, Canada

    Society for Ecological Restoration Communication Award (EEMP)


    Universität Bremen 
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    Seminar- und Forschungsverfügungsgebäude (SFG)
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