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artec colloquium in summer term 2016

The colloquium of the Sustainability Research Center (artec) in summer term 2016 starts on 9 May, 2016, with a lecture of Frauke Urban and Johan Nordensvard "Low carbon energy transitions in Europe and Asia: opportunities and challenges". All lectures will take place at the Sustainabilty Research…

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Denaturalizing Climate Change: Perspectives for Critical Adaptation Research

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Low carbon energy transitions in Europe and Asia: opportunities and challenges

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Refugees at German universities

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Call for Papers

Workshop “Denaturalizing Climate Change: Perspectives for Critical Adaptation Research”, Oaxaca, Mexico, 28 - 30 September, 2016.

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International Conference in Ghana

Michael Flitner and Johannes Herbeck from the Sustainability Research Center (artec) have organised an international conference in Ghana in cooperation with their project partners within the project "New regional formations: Rapid environmental change and migration in coastal regions of Ghana and…

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Undercover in conflict zones

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"Man's Greatest Lake": The Volta River Project and the Dream of Development in Ghana

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International Conference on Regional Climate Adaption and Resilience CLARR 2014

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Denaturalizing climate change: migration, mobilities and spaces

Gruppenbild Leopoldina
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Workshop "Socio-Ecological Novelty – Frontiers in Sustainability Research"

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New Publication

Climate Change and Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture: Taking systemic and second order effects into account by Michael Flitner / Johannes Herbeck