Dr. Martin Böhm

Picture of Martin Böhm

Universität Bremen
FB3: Mathematik/Informatik
Bibliothekstr. 5
28359 Bremen
Office: MZH 3320
Phone: +49 (421) 218-63587

About me

This is the home page of Martin Böhm, currently a postdoctoral researcher of theoretical computer science at Universität Bremen, Germany in the team of Nicole Megow. I am interested in many problems between combinatorial optimization, approximation algorithms and online algorithms; this includes online packing and scheduling, halfspace chasing, TSP, LP formulations and more.

I obtained my PhD at Charles University in Prague in September 2018 under Jiří Sgall.

I am most days in my office 3320 of MZH at Uni Bremen. If you want to work with me, feel free to visit me or contact me via email.