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Combinatorial Optimization and Logistics

The Combinatorial Optimization and Logistics (CSLog) group at the University of Bremen focuses on the analysis of discrete algorithmic problems that are computationally difficult. We analyze the structure of such problems and design efficient algorithms with provable performance guarantees for solving them. We are also interested in combinatorial optimization problems where the input is revealed only incrementally or where there is uncertainty in the parameters, and we develop online, stochastic or robust solution methods.

Combinatorial optimization is related to theoretical computer science, discrete mathematics, operations research, algorithm theory and computational complexity theory and has important applications in several fields. In our group we develop theoretic results and apply them to complex real-world environments. Typical applications include scheduling, production planning, logistics, network design, communication and routing in networks, and health care.


Combinatorial Optimization and Logistics
Faculty 3 - Mathematics and Computer Science
Prof. Dr. Nicole Megow

Bibliothekstr. 5
28359 Bremen

Secretary office
Martina Mörz
Telefon: +49 (0) 421 218 63580


Research topics

  • approximation algorithms
  • online optimization
  • stochastic dynamic optimization
  • explorable uncertainty
  • scheduling and resource management
  • network design and routing
  • logistics applications
  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
  • Emmy Noether
  • Mind Media Machines
  • Logdynamics
  • Data Science Center
  • Invasic


Dec 2, 2021: The book "Dynamics in Logistics: Twenty-Five Years of Interdisciplinary Logistics Research in Bremen, Germany" edited by Michael Freitag, Herbert Kotzab, Nicole Megow has been published. It includes our chapter "Explorable Uncertainty Meets Decision-Making in Logistics" (Nicole Megow and Jens Schlöter).

Dec 2, 2021: Our paper "Robustification of Online Graph Exploration Methods" has been accepted at AAAI 2022.

Dec 6, 2021: Gauß-Vorlesung in Bremen, Haus der Wissenschaft, Festveranstaltung der DMV mit Hauptvortrag von Valentin Blomer (Bonn) und Verleihung des von-Kaven Preises der DFG. Organisation: Nicole Megow und Anke Pohl

Nov 1, 2021: We welcome Mohit Garg. He has a joint position in our group and with Petra Berenbrink at Hamburg University.

Oct 31, 2021: Our paper "Double Coverage with Machine-Learned Advice" has been accepted at ITCS 2022.

Oct 29, 2021: Jens Schlöter gave an introductory talk at Campus City on mathematical optimization using the example of packing problems.

Sep 20, 2021: Our paper "Fully Dynamic Algorithms for Knapsack Problems with Polylogarithmic Update Time" has been accepted for publication at FSTTCS 2021.

Sep 16, 2021: Felix Hommelsheim joins our group as a postdoc. Welcome!

Jul 31, 2021: Franziska Eberle leaves our group for a postdoc position at LSE, London. Congratulations!

Jun 23, 2021: Our paper "Orienting (Hyper)graphs Under Explorable Stochastic Uncertainty" has been accepted for publication at ESA 2021.

Feb 19, 2021: Jens Schlöter receives the Faculty Award 2021 for his Master Thesis on "Conditional Directed Acyclic Graphs". Congratulations!

Jan 20, 2021: Our paper Speed-Robust Scheduling has been accepted for publication at IPCO