Old news

Jun 20, 2022: Our paper "Learning-Augmented Query Policies for Minimum Spanning Tree with Uncertainty" has been accepted at ESA 2022.

Jun 18, 2022: Alexander Lindermayr receives the Faculty Award 2022 for his Master Thesis on "Learning-Augmented Online Algorithms for the 2-Server Problem on the Line and Generalizations". Congratulations!

Jun 12-17, 2022: Our (former) group members give four talks at MAPSP 2022 in Oropa, Italy.

May 10, 2022: Our paper "Non-clairvoyant Scheduling with Predictions Revisited" has been accepted at SPAA 2022.

May 8, 2022: We launched the open source project https://algorithms-with-predictions.github.io/ with a collection on papers, workshops etc. around algorithms with predictions.

May 3, 2022: Nicole Megow gives an invited lecture on "Online Routing and Network Design with Predictions" at the Workshop on Algorithms with Predictions (ALPS) at Bernoulli Center, EPFL.

Apr 10, 2022: Our paper "Fault-Tolerant Edge-Disjoint s-t Paths - Beyond Uniform Faults" has been accepted at SWAT 2022.

Dec 2, 2021: The book "Dynamics in Logistics: Twenty-Five Years of Interdisciplinary Logistics Research in Bremen, Germany" edited by Michael Freitag, Herbert Kotzab, Nicole Megow has been published. It includes our chapter "Explorable Uncertainty Meets Decision-Making in Logistics" (Nicole Megow and Jens Schlöter).

Dec 2, 2021: Our paper "Robustification of Online Graph Exploration Methods" has been accepted at AAAI 2022.

Nov 1, 2021: We welcome Mohit Garg. He has a joint position in our group and with Petra Berenbrink at Hamburg University.

Oct 31, 2021: Our paper "Double Coverage with Machine-Learned Advice" has been accepted at ITCS 2022.

Dec 6, 2021: Gauß-Vorlesung in Bremen, Haus der Wissenschaft, Festveranstaltung der DMV mit Hauptvortrag von Valentin Blomer (Bonn) und Verleihung des von-Kaven Preises der DFG. Organisation: Nicole Megow und Anke Pohl

Oct 29, 2021: Jens Schlöter gave an introductory talk at Campus City on mathematical optimization using the example of packing problems.

Sep 20, 2021: Our paper "Fully Dynamic Algorithms for Knapsack Problems with Polylogarithmic Update Time" has been accepted for publication at FSTTCS 2021.

Sep 16, 2021: Felix Hommelsheim joins our group as a postdoc. Welcome!

Jul 31, 2021: Franziska Eberle leaves our group for a postdoc position at LSE, London. Congratulations!

Jun 23, 2021: Our paper "Orienting (Hyper)graphs Under Explorable Stochastic Uncertainty" has been accepted for publication at ESA 2021.

Feb 19, 2021: Jens Schlöter receives the Faculty Award 2021 for his Master Thesis on "Conditional Directed Acyclic Graphs". Congratulations!

Jan 20, 2021: Our paper Speed-Robust Scheduling has been accepted for publication at IPCO

Dec 21, 2020: Our paper Throughput Scheduling with Equal Additive Laxity has been accepted for publication at CIAC

Nov 13, 2021: Franziska Eberle successfully defends her PhD thesis "Packing and Scheduling under Uncertainty"

Oct 1, 2020: Alexander Lindermayr joins our group as a PhD student. Welcome!

Sep 30, 2020: Bertrand Simon leaves our group to join as a CNRS researcher the IN2P3 Computing Center, Villeurbanne/Lyon. Congratulations!

Jun 11, 2020 Our paper "Online Minimum Cost Matching with Recourse on the Line" has been accepted at APPROX 2020

Jul 1, 2020 Our paper "An Adversarial Model for Scheduling with Testing" has been accepted for publication at Algorithmica

Jun 1, 2020 Our paper "Online Metric Algorithms with Untrusted Predictions" has been accepted at ICML 2020

Feb 16-21, 2020: Dagstuhl Seminar: Scheduling, organized by Nicole Megow, David Shmoys and Ola Svensson

Feb 10-13, 2020: Andreas Wiese from Universidad de Chile is visiting us

Feb 01, 2020 Our paper "Scheduling on Two Types of Resources: a Survey" has been accepted for publication at ACM Computing Surveys

Jan 29-31, 2020: Giorgio Lucarelli from Grenoble

Dec 10, 2019: Volker Kaibel from OVGU Magdeburg speaks at the Mathematical Colloquium

Sep 1, 2019: new Phd student Jens Schlöter ist joining

Jun 11-14, 2019: Julian Mestre from The University of Sydney is visiting us

April 10-12, 2019: Ulrich Pferschy from Graz is visiting

Feb 4-8, 2019: Workshop at Lorentz Center Leiden Scheduling Meets Fixed-Parameter Tractability, organized by Nicole Megow, Matthias Mnich and Gerhard Woeginger

November 22, 2018: Second Bremen-Hamburg ACO Workshop: Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization (U Bremen)