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Your application for a scholarship

Your application for a scholarship

Applications for scholarships starting in winter semester 2019/2020 can be submitted from 1st July 2019 till 31st July 2019. Applications are possible solely via the online application module.

The complete application, including supporting documents (PDF), must be submitted online by 23:59 (deadline) on 31 July 2019 and includes the following documents:

  1. Signed application agreement handed in via mail
  2. Curriculum vitae in tabular form,
  3. Letter of motivation (max. 2 pages),
  4. Certificate of University Entrance Qualification; An equivalent qualification obtained abroad must be accompanied by a translation in accordance with the German system and conform with the German system of grading,
  5. Certificate of Enrolment, or for freshers the confirmation of admission or enrollment at the University of Bremen. (First-time applicants for a university place can submit their Certificate of Admission or Enrollment at any later date up to 31.08.2019.),
  6. For a Master’s scholarship: Certificate of first degree award.


Where applicable, your application should be accompanied by the following documents:

  •     Previous academic attainment
  •     Professional qualifications and employer’s reference
  •     Any additional qualifications and skills 
  •     Special awards and prizes
  •     Social and familial engagement
  •     Reasons why your educational biography has to date been impeded or impaired
        (see application agreement, page 2, how to proceed).

There will be no written conformation of receipt, when required please send your application agreement by registrated mail or place an sufficent stamped postcard including your adress.Please  attach supporting documents online as a simple copy. Within the online application supporting documents must be uploaded as a PDF-file.

In the case of serious differences/errors between online application and the submitted application documents, an exclusion from the application procedure takes place.