Selection process and notification

The decision

The decision on the awarding of a Deutschlandstipendium at the University of Bremen for the winter semester will be made by the Scholarship Council in October, divided into undergraduate (Bachelor, State Examination in Law) and postgraduate courses (Master). On the basis of the evaluated applications, the Scholarship Council will establish a ranking for the awarding of scholarships.

The criteria for the ranking are:

  1.     For first-year students, the average grade of the university entrance qualification and, if applicable, special academic qualification or qualification
  2.     For students already enrolled, the academic achievements to date, in particular the ECTS points and grades achieved (PABO online verification)
  3.     For students or beginners of a Master's programme, the final grade of the previous programme
  4.     For all applicants, proof of special commitment, special experience or qualifications, special hardships and special social, family or personal circumstances

The Scholarship Council consists of six voting members:

  •     Three teaching staff members. The election takes place on the proposal of the group of university teaching staff by the Academic Senate for two years.
  •     Three students. The election takes place on proposal of the group of students by the Academic Senate for one year

Awarding of the Deutschlandstipendium

The decision will be communicated to all applicants at the beginning of the winter semester.

The period of eligibility for the Deutschlandstipendium is one year. The notice of award also states the amount of the scholarship and the maximum period of sponsorship. The maximum duration of funding is based on the standard period of study of the respective degree programme (Bachelor's degree usually takes six semesters and Master's degree usually takes a maximum of four semesters) minus the semesters already studied at the time of application.

The notice of grant also defines the evidence that the scholarship holder must provide on a fixed date. The following proofs can be requested:

  •     Certificates of the achievements during the course of study (especially examinations, internships, stays abroad, excursions), which provide information about the quality of the performance;
  •     a short report by one or more lecturers;
  •     a brief description of the scholarship holder's further personal development since the scholarship was granted or since the last review, in relation to the course of study, if necessary including special personal or family circumstances.
  •     Certificate of matriculation.

Further information on approval and on extending the maximum period of sponsorship, leave of absence and change of course of study can be found in §§ 6 and 7 of the Scholarship Regulations of the University of Bremen.

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