2nd DFG Network Meeting at ifh Göttingen

The 2nd meeting of our DFG Network “The dynamics of innovation systems” was organized by ifh Göttingen from November 27th to 28th, 2022.

The aim of this event was to get an overview on the current stage of innovation system research with a particular focus on the technological and sectoral dimension. After a welcome note by Petrik Runst and Ann Hipp, Hanna Hottenrott, Anna Kremer, Christian Binz, Felix Rösel, Björn Jindra and Thore-Sören Bischoff presented their recent work, which was discussed by the network members. Moreover, we received impulses on related topics from our keynote speakers Cecilia Rikap (University of London) and Fredrik Tell (Uppsala University) as well as from our online guest (Jochen Markard/ETH Zürich) and a member of the ifh (Jörg Thomä). We further included a pitching research session.

This event was a great success and we thank all the organizers and participants for having made it possible. The next event is co-organized by Felix Rösel and will be held in Haus der Wissenschaft in Braunschweig from June 1st to 2nd, 2023.

Teilnehmer des 2. Treffen des DFG Netzwerks am ifh Göttingen