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Interview with Prof. Dr. Lars Hornuf in the Weser Kurier

In the interview, Professor Hornuf talks about so-called FinTechs, data protection and why Facebook can also be a bank.

The term FinTech is derived from financial technology. It refers to start-ups that claim to offer faster and more convenient financial services. For example, they offer apps for the smartphone that cover everything from loans and investments to bank transfers and insurance. In the meantime, FinTechs are also joining forces or cooperating with traditional banks. This is why their importance in the financial sector is continually growing. FinTechs often generate large amounts of data. Prof. Dr. Lars Hornuf and his colleague Prof. Dr. Gregor Dorfleitner from the University of Regensburg have investigated these data in a new book. The Weser Kurier published the interview with Professor Hornuf on their website on November 17, 2019.


To the interview: Link.


Bild: Pixabay License