Professorship in Empirical Economics and Applied Statistics

Leader and topics

Prof. Dr. Martin Missong

Martin Missong

Bayesian Networks

Statistics in Court

Quantitative Risk Management


Theo Berger

Professor of Statistics and Data Sciences

Prof. Dr. Theo Berger is the new Professor for Statistics and Data Analytics at the Harz University of Applied Sciences, but will remain with us as a private lecturer. We wish Prof. Dr. Theo Berger all the best and much success also at the Harz University of Applied Sciences!

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Good luck!

We wish all students good luck for all upcoming exams in the upcoming exam phase!

Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics

New paper in the journal "Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics & Econometrics"

Prof. Dr. Martin Missong, together with Dr. Ludwig Heinzelmann, published the article "Nonlinear interest rate-setting behaviour of German commercial banks" published in the latest issue of "Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics & Econometrics".


Exam: "Working with Microsoft Excel"

The next exam for the eGS course "Working with Microsoft Excel" will take place on 09 June. Please remember to register in time for the exam and book a place in the test center via Stud.IP.

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Teaching assignment at the Harz University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Tanja Ihden has received a teaching assignment from the Harz University of Applied Sciences and will give a lecture in statistics in the business administration course of studies in the digital summer semester 2020.

Skype Konferenz

Teaching in Summer Term 2020

The professorship's team will of course continue to be available to you in the summer semester 2020 - even if only in digital form. For information on the course Statistics please register for the respective Stud.IP courses on lecture, exercise and tutorials.

Die Haltestelle Zentralbereich und das Studentenhaus.

Availability of the professorship

Due to current developments in connection with the corona virus, the professorship can only be accessed electronically until further notice. The sale of scripts is therefore also temporarily suspended. Stay at home and stay healthy!


Country Coordinator Germany for ISLP

Dr. Tanja Ihden was appointed as Country Coordinator for Germany of the International Statistical Literacy Project.

Martin Missong

Office hours Prof. Dr. Missong

The office hours of Prof. Dr. Martin Missong will only take place during the semester break by prior arrangement.

Schwarzlicht Völkerball Turnier

Black Light Sports Nights

Our team took part in this year's black light dodgeball tournament of sports economics students. In a strong group of 7, we missed the entry into the knockout phase unfortunately by a very narrow margin as third in the group.

An image of the WiWi 1 building: the department of economics.

Secretariat opening hours during the summer semester 2024

The Office of the Professorship in Empirical Economics and Applied Statistics, Building: WIWI 1 (Aldi-Building), 2nd Floor, Room A2370, is open regularly on:

    Monday,          2 pm  - 4 pm,
    Tuesday,        12 pm - 4 pm,

    Wednesday,  2 pm - 4 pm,
    Thursday,       10 am - 12 pm.

The brothers Björn and Sören Christensen are publishing the column "Achtung: Statistik" (engl.: "Attention: Statistic" periodically. Based on scientific argumentation it is shown, in an entertaining way, at which points in our daily life we are confrontated with statistics and which false conclusions, without awareness of statistics, we probably make.

You can find the link to the column here

The initiative "Unstatistik des Monats" (engl.: "Un-statistic of the month") was founded in 2012 by psychologist Gerd Gigerenzer from Berlin and the economists Thomas Bauer from Bochum and Walter Krämer from Dortmund. In this column, statistic news based on not appropiate data or misinterpretation of data, are exposed. The spectrum of false conclusions are from comical to frightening.

You can find the link to the column here





For more information about Prof. Dr. Martin Missong and his staff, click here.


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Our teaching is an application-oriented system of methodological lectures, which is structured in modules. Typical data analyses software is used in courses, as well as in exams.


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Main research topics of the professorship are especially quantitative risk management and statistics in court. You can find more information about key topics, publications and conferences here.


Multicolored pencils.

The professorship maintan cooperation with other scientists and universities as well as companies. You can find more information about different cooperation right here.