Key Competence Course "Statistics in Court":

Course Number: 06-027-906

Summer Term 2019 / 2 SWS / 3 CP / Electives Key Competences

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Martin Missong, Dr. Tanja Ihden (Faculty Ecnomics)

Target Group: Law Students at 2. or 4. semesters


Description of the course:

Statistic as legal key competence - why?

In our everyday life statistical analyses play a more and more bigger role. So it is not a surprise, that quantitative data analysis in argumentations in lawsuits begin to get more common. Furthermore, current juridical research topics like "Knowledge generation in law and Big Data" or the actual principled debate about pros and cons of an "empirical turnover" in law sciences, require a deeper statistical knowledge of lawyers. Aim of the course is to make lawyers familiar with basic statistical methods for this.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Students know basic statistic methods
  • Students are able to judge about statistical results and interpret statistic measurements correctly
  • Students understand statistics as argumentative discipline and identify parallels in statistical and jurisdical working
  • Students know cognitive biases and strategies to reduce them
  • Students know different terms of probability and carry out elementary probability calculations
  • Students know Bayes' Theorem and the implications of Bayes' Theorem in law
  • Students are familiar with statistical and juristical methods for reduction of uncertainty during decision making
  • Students are able to construct juristical hypotheses, convict them into statistical hypotheses and know structures of statistical tests for empirical checks of these hypotheses


Teaching Methods:

  • Lectures about juristic and historic aspects of common grounds by juristical and statistical examinations and argumentations
  • Lectures and Exercises to basic statistic methods
  • Experiments for better understanding of probabilities and hypothesis tests
  • Presentation of students about statistic findings in legal cases or judgement justifications and literature about statistic in law
  • Guest speakers about current research projects in statistics and law


Teaching Concept:

Three Columns-Modll:

Drei Säulen Modell