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Students are familiar with multivariate data analysis by means of Linear Models. The module starts with a discussion of regression analysis in the basic linear model. Then, binary choice models are analyzed. Furthermore, the module covers particular concepts of time series econometrics.

The lecture deals with special topics in econometrics. Students are familiar with the particular methods discussed and know how to apply the approachesto real data. They are able to interprete estimates and test results correctly.


The aim of the teaching is to provide students with an adequate set of quantitative methods that will enable them to prepare independent empirical analyses and to reflect on and critically assess quantitative procedures. Students should actively engage with the question of which methods are appropriate and - more importantly - the limitations of the methods used in order to avoid "overinterpretation" of the results.



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Master's Theses

Master theses

  • You can apply for your graduation theses at our professorship
  • We don't have any list of "ready-made" topics for your graduation theses. In general, we prefer to develop together with you a personal topic, which you can work at on your own. We recommend orientation at the research topics of our professorship, which you can see in the section Research.
  • You can write your graduation theses in German or in English.
  • Time for master theses is 15 weeks, the scope of the thesis should be about 60 pages.
  • For more information, please contact us!