Maternity Protection for Students

Information for pregnant students.

Before birth: 6 weeks

After birth: 8 weeks 

In the case of premature births, multiple births or the determination of a disability, different maternity protection periods apply.

Participation in courses after 8 p-m- and on weekends is not compulsory during the protection periods.

Examination achievements still have to be registered, but participation is still not compulsory and failure to appear does not lead to a failed attempt. 

Only when you do appear at the exam do you make a non-verbal declaration of intent that you are able to take the exam.

Participation in these events is generally not intended during pregnancy. This right can be waived on one's own responsibility, so that it is possible to attend events on the weekend or after 8 p.m.


Female students are released for the necessary examinations during pregnancy and motherhood. In addition, breastfeading students can be exempted from lectures during the first twelve months after the delivery.

The exemption also applies to events with compulsory attendance, provided that evidence is provided. Please use the form "Notification of pregnancy" and tick "Breastfeeding".

In this case, the first people to contact are the individual teaching staff members in order to find an appropriate solution. Considerations for the special needs of students with children are outlined in the general part of the bachelor's and master's degree examination regulations.

Pregnancy does not automatically entitle a student to an extension of writing time. If an extension is required for health reasons, it can be applied for in the regular way by presenting a medical certificate.

Any costs directly related to the Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG), for example for medical certificates which must be submitted to the University of Bremen, will be reimbursed by the university.

You will find the cost reimbursement form under downloads.

Please send the completed form with the original receipt to 

familienprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Family Care Office
Marisol Ruiz-Fehrler
familienprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
0421 218-60860



For official notification of your pregnancy, you will need the following forms:

1. notification of pregnancy/ breastfeeding

2. overview of current courses

Please fill in and sign both and send them as PDF to familienprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Reimbursement form can be found here: Reimbursement of costs


Advice and Information

Academic Advisory Offices and Career Orientation Offices

The Academic Advisory Offices and Career Orientation Offices of the individual faculties will be happy to advise you on all questions around study organization and examination regulations during pregnancy.

Here you can find the Academic Advisory Office or the Career Orientation Office responsible for your degree program.

Family Care Office

The Family Care Office provides information about counselling and other support services for pregnant students.

Visit the website of the Family Care Office.