Doctoral Studies

Important news for all applications from 1 October 2018 onwards

Please complete the survey for statistics on doctoral candidates at the University of Bremen. You will automatically receive an e-mail with a copy of your answers. Please include this copy with your application for acceptance as a doctoral candidate and submit it to the relevant doctoral commission.

  • Chairperson Prof. Dr. Marko Rohlfs
  • Office Frauke Ernst
  • Professors: Marko Rohlfs (chairperson), Anne Staubitz (vice chairperson), Christian Wild, Jens Beckmann
  • Research Associate: Andrea Krause, Thomas Dülks (deputy)
  • Representative from technology and administration: Andreas Suchopar, Ingo Neumann (deputy)
  • Student: Rebecca Gorniak, Annika Dannemann (deputy)

In matters not relating to their scientific work, doctoral students can contact
Dr. Andrea Krause or Prof. Dr. Ralf Dringen for confidential counseling.

The Doctoral Degree Regulations dated 14 Nov 2018 shall apply for almost all candidates.


Candidates accepted as doctoral candidates before the Doctoral Degree Regulations dated 8 July 2015 entered into force (§ 4) can fall under the Doctoral Degree Regulations of 14 March 2007 (only by application until Juli 2016).

You can find the most important forms and application forms for your doctoral examination here (applies to Doctoral Degree Regulations dated 14.11.2018):


  1. Application to be accepted as doctoral candidate
  2. Application to set up an examination committee
  3. Application for approval and appointment of reviewers


  1. Affirmation in lieu of oath
  2. Declaration (signed) pursuant to Doctoral Degree regulations