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  • Zwei Personen in Laborkitteln umgeben von hohem Gras.


    in the faculty 2 Biology / Chemistry at the University of Bremen

  • Zwei Personen in Laborkitteln umgeben von hohem Gras.


    in the faculty 2 Biology / Chemistry at the University of Bremen

Research Associations



The CONTACT initiative strengthens the University of Bremen’s four high-profile research areas: marine sciences, material sciences, M3 (Minds, Media and Machines), and health sciences.


Marine Ecosystem Research

Logo Bremen Marine Ecology

Marine Science is the most import high-profile research area within the research community in Bremen, particulary strong and most visible in international research. The Centre for Marine Environmental Sciences (MARUM), the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in the Helmholtz Association (AWI), the Max Planck Insitute for Marine Microbiology (MPI) as well as the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Research (ZMT) are scientific partners in Marine Science. Furthermore, Bremen is an internationally important high-tec site for private marine or maritime activities. The research sector of Marine Science provides more than 1.500 jobs in Bremen.



Logo Synthetische Biologie am FB2 der Uni Bremen

Synthetic biology is a highly interdisciplinary new branch of research which straddles the interfaces between molecular biology, chemistry, engineering, and materials sciences. Primarily oriented to engineering, synthetic biology is concerned with adapting, reprogramming or creating new combinations of known biological entities and making them useful for defined purposes in living systems.

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Photo Endosymbiont

Endosymbiont - Photosynthetic keratinocytes: light-powered oxygen for non-healing skin wounds


Photo selevator

SELEVATOR - A novel receptor targeted molecular transport system for cellular uptake and non-genetic cell engineering




GYPSY - Biologic functions of trans-sialidase from Trypanosoma congolense and their role in parasite

Development and survival in host and vector


The various research groups in the area of Chemistry in FB2 participate intensively in four of the University of Bremen’s high-profile research areas. The area of Materials Sciences (MAPEX) constitutes a direct connecting point. Via the CONTACT initiative, the area of Chemistry in FB2 is also engaged in the Marine Sciences, M3 (Minds, Media and Machines), and the Health Sciences.



Cooperations & Core Research Areas

Faculty 2 is closely associated with a number of research institutes in Bremen and Bremerhaven via cooperation professorships (AWI, IFAM, ZMT, MPI, Thünen) and is involved in several of the University of Bremen’s Central Research Units (ZWE) and collaborative research groups (Mapex, marum, UFT, ZKW).

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