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    Recognition of qualifications

    Information on the recognition of qualifications concerning higher education in the European region - Lisbon-Convention

We recognise applicants' knowledge from practical experience for credits.

You should apply at an early stage to ensure an optimal course of study.

Required documents for recognition
(informal) written applicationfinal grade certificates (original)
Bachelor Biology >> Studienbüro

official descriptions of the learning contents

Bachelor Chemistry >> Tobias Borrmann 

Students who move to Bremen from another university where they studied the same subject or, under certain conditions, maybe a related subject can apply to have the credits awarded there recognized for present studies – provided our examinations regulations allow this.

Be sure to submit such applications as soon as possible after receiving your study place so no time is lost planning your further studies!

Please note: Because you already studied for a full semester at another university and the modules you studied there are recognized does not necessarily mean that these modules fall in 1st semester major studies in Bremen. Therefore, it could be that here in FB 2 your study schedule will differ from the specimen study schedule. Contact the Studienbüro if you have any questions in this regard.

Required documents for recognition
(informal) written application

transcript of studies noting the CPs and grades (original documents!)

Bachelor Biology >> an Studienbüromodule descriptions of modules you completed, or similar certification of contents
Bachelor Chemistry >> an Tobias Borrmann 



Please note: You have to submit your application BEFORE you attend an external course/ lecture or do an external internship!

Required documents for recognition
(informal) written applicationCourse/ internship: certificate of attendance
short description of motivation (why?)

Internship: experience/ activity report (max. 5 pages)

motivation, relevance for your studies, knowledge gained, insights


detailed description of contens? How many credit points? Lecturer? How much time spent?

Internship: official confirmation of internship


detailed description of the activities: Where? Which activies? How much time spent?

credit points will be evaluated according to the time spent (max. 18 CP)

Bachelor Biology >> StudienbüroBachelor Chemistry >> Examination Office Bachelor Chemistry, Frauke Ernst




Contact persons Biology

Dr. Ute Meyer
Corinna Müller-Wiegmann

Studienbüro FB2
NW2 A 1030
studienbuero.fb2protect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
phone: +49 421 218 62810

Contact person Chemistry

Dr. Tobias Borrmann

NW2 B 1230
tobias.borrmannprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
phone: +49 421 218 62813