About Us

Quality Management

The quality management QM of the faculty serves to

  • ensure the quality of studies and teaching and to identify quality problems
  • further develop studies and teaching
  • provide key data for the management of the department
  • design study and teaching-related organizational processes in the department in an effective and transparent manner

Complaints Procedures

Department 2 Biology/Chemistry stands for constructive cooperation between teaching staff, other employees and students. Our aim is to treat each other as equals and to accept justified criticism in a solution-oriented manner. Approachability and appreciation between teachers and students is a matter of course.


Study exchanges (both for our outgoing and incoming students) with foreign partner universities are intensively advised and supported. Faculty 2 maintains numerous ERASMUS partnerships. In the Bachelor of Biology and in most of our Master's degree programs, mobility windows are anchored in the study structure (study abroad at FB2).

The Bachelor's degree program in Chemistry offers a dual degree program with ECPM Strasbourg.

We offer five International Master's programs at FB2.

The language of communication in most working groups is English due to the foreign staff. Students in our German-language Bachelor's programs also learn in an international environment through the profile studies and the Bachelor's thesis in the working groups.


Faculty 2 Biology/Chemistry is aware that it is not possible to position itself in all areas of diversity. We aim to place emphasis where it best addresses the problems and special features of the department and the degree programs. Within our strongly experimentally oriented Bachelor's degree programmes in Biology and Chemistry and in the international Master's degree programmes, we strive to find adapted, individualized solutions.

The FB2 believes that transparency and participation are key elements of educational equity. We therefore make particular efforts to ensure the transparency of learning and competence objectives and involve student representatives in design and decision-making processes.

Exchange, Mobility and Recognition of Qualifications

In order to facilitate and promote mobility, exchange and lateral entries, the Faculty was quick to adapt its bachelor’s programs to meet the requirements of the Lisbon Convention. The recognition of academic qualifications thus takes place in close consultation with applicants according to the “significant difference” principle.

FB2 vigorously pursues and supports student exchange programs (both for our outgoings as well as for incoming students) with partner universities in other countries and the Faculty maintains numerous ERASMUS partnerships. Mobility windows are firmly anchored in the structure of Bachelor Biology and in most of our master’s programs.

Support right from the start

The module "Computational Methods for Natural Scientists" (Mathematics) is a considerable hurdle for many students in the Bachelor's program, as the diversity of prerequisites is great. The module is a decisive factor in the success of the course. The department therefore offers a student-led mathematics tutorial. Participation is voluntary and is not remunerated with CP. It is mainly attended by students who have already failed the exam at least once.

Family-friendly Studies

The Faculty of Biology/Chemistry strongly supports the University’s efforts at making studies and work at the University of Bremen as compatible with family life as possible. We respect the importance of family responsibilities and the special situation, stresses and time constraints students and staff experience when coping with the issues involved. We do our best to help students in FB2 fulfill such commitments.