Chemistry in FB2

The appointment of Prof. Dr. T. Gesing to the chair “Solid State Chemical Crystallography” established the first Heisenberg Professorship funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) [German Research Foundation] in the area of chemistry in FB2.

The establishment of the DFG Emmy Noether independent junior research group in inorganic chemistry led by Prof. Dr. S. Grabowsky marked the beginning of the core research area “Crystallography”. Later, the area’s research profile was further consolidated by founding the Institute for Inorganic Chemistry and Crystallography (IACK, research groups Beckmann, Gesing, Grabowsky). The area has since become a cornerstone of materials science in Bremen.

Research in this area, which is funded in the frame of the Excellence Initiative, is complemented by the chair for “Organic Functional Materials” held by Prof. Dr. A. Staubitz, and Prof. Dr. T. Harder’s chair for “Marine Chemistry“.