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The training Center for Laboratory Assistants has been successfully training chemistry laboratory assistants since 1984. In 2013 this service was also extended to biology laboratory assistants in Faculty 2.

Each year, between 6 and ten trainees are given employment. The Center does not only train laboratory assistants, though: It has cooperation agreements with more than 20 different private enterprises in the Bremen region, conducts its “own” research (research projects), and offers various practical courses for its cooperation partners and research assistants.

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Faculty 2 provides chemical storage facilities for the whole university:

- Purchase and procurement of chemicals
- Purchase and procurement of laboratory equipment

You can obtain information by email or phone:
  +49 421 218 60099


Faculty 2 maintains three analytical service facilities:

These services are available to members of Faculty 2 free of charge. Analyses carried out for other Faculties or external research institutions are subject to a fee.

Faculty 2 maintains its own technical glass workshop for the production and repair of special laboratory equipment made of glass. The technical glass workshop offers its services only within the University of Bremen, whereby orders from within FB 2 have priority.

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