Bachelor's thesis in Chemistry

General information

  • The Bachelor’s Thesis (12 CP) and accompanying seminar (3 CP) are sub-modules of the B.Sc. graduation module. Both these sub-modules are assessed separately
  • The Bachelor’s Thesis comprises the written thesis on a selected topic and a 30-minute viva
  • The Bachelor’s Thesis is an individual effort
  • The final graduation grade for the Bachelor of Science / B.Sc. degree is formed by
    • the grade awarded for the graduation module, i.e. the Bachelor’s Thesis and its presentation (viva) and accompanying seminar (25%) and
    • the weighted duly grades of all the other accompanying module examinations (75%)

Students are only able to register for the Bachelor’s Thesis after having acquired

  • 120 CP for the full major (BPO Chemistry VF dated 02.02.2011),
  • 75 CP for the profile subject or
  • 45 CP for the teacher education option (BPO 2-subject studies for Chemistry dated 30.05.2012).

Candidates have 12 weeks to complete the Bachelor’s Thesis (without viva). The 12-week period begins with receipt of written confirmation (postal date) of admittance to the examination.

Upon due consideration of substantiated reasons, the examinations board can prolong the period by a maximum of 4 weeks. In the event of sickness, candidates must submit a doctor’s certificate substantiating prolongation of the period to the Examinations Office Chemistry. The Examinations Office sends authorization of prolongation to the candidate by surface mail with notification of the new date.

To be able to complete studies within the regular study period of 6 semesters, students must register for the Bachelor’s Thesis by May 15 latest. Should the registration and submission of the Bachelor’s Thesis take place at a later time, it may among other things not be possible to arrive at a final calculation of the final overall grade until the end of the 6th semester, when admittance to a following master’s program may no longer be possible.

Two-subject bachelor: Students must register for their Bachelor’s Thesis with the Examinations Office responsible for their profile subject. In order to be registered for the Bachelor’s Examination, candidates must submit attestation of examination results in their complementary subject to the Examinations Office of their profile subject.