General Studies

Wide range of Complementary Studies
Wide range of complementary studies

General Studies (GS) in bachelor studies

Besides subject-related contents, students on bachelor study programs can also take courses in General Studies (GS). General Studies allow students, alongside their subject-related key competences, to acquire interdisciplinary competences and come to grips with ethical aspects of their discipline. They are also relevant for Career preparation and orientation.

We invite students to do external internships, for which we offer up to 18 CP in General Studies. If you are interested in this option, please send us an applicatoin BEFOREHAND.

The GS area of studies is defined in the respective Examination Regulations.

  • Full-major Chemistry program: 18 CP in General Studies, 6 CP are compulsory
  • Full-major Biology program: 21 CP in General Studies, 3 CP are compulsory
  • Teacher education programs: 3 CP in General Studies

General studies - a wide range of courses, seminars, lectures, events

Additional offer: external courses or internships

Students can submit written applications for permission to have additional lectures, coruses or external internships recognized in Biology (recognition of qualifications).